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Opinion needed on gut shot deer

Hunter's here is a real life question that happen today.

At a buddies hunting camp another member Gut shot a nice buck. Deer runs off and they track the deer for 2 hours as the deer would run and lay up, run and lay up. Final they give up on the deer.

Later in the day a buddy goes in with a dog and the deer was still bleeding enough for the dog to track it. Finally the dog bayed the deer on a cliff and my buddies son shot the deer and killed it.

Now What would the right thing to do with this deer!!

Give it back to the first blood shooter?

Split the deer 2 ways and give first blood the horns

What would be the right thing to do!!

I myself would give the horns back and split the meat!!

What would you do!!
Y not just split the horns and meet. Y'all not mounting the deer?
Thank the guy with the dog for helping!

The original hunter gets the horns period!

Split the deer and celebrate like fools...
I don't know it would be different if he didn't give up on the deer I think it's his as long as he is still trying to recover it no mater who fires the last shot but if he gives up on the deer and someone else goes after it and kills the deer I say it's there's now if they would have came across the deer and it was already dead then yes I would give it back but if the deer can get up and run off then it is still fair game the kid killed it so I say it's his deer because the other guy gave up on the deer
Offer to split the meat and keep the horns.... If horns arent important, then everyone would be shooting does and taxidermists wouldn't have a job.

If I cripple a duck and he flies into another pond and someone finishes him off who claims him?


Every one of you would fight for the horns.

And the countdown begins....
I know there's likely specifics that were left out but giving up on a gut shot deer after two hours of tracking is pretty pathetic IMO. If it is determined that a deer is gut shot, my hunting friends and I will back out and give the deer at least four hours to expire. Six hours is even better.

If the hunter could not stay another minute and had to head back home I would give him some slack, give him the horns and split the meat.

If the chase was given up out of laziness and the hunter was a friend I would likely still give him the horns and split the meat.

If a stranger to me he still gets the horns but I get the meat if the chase was given up out of laziness.

Just my .02

I am kinda under the 'first blood' belief, as long it is in reason... Not a knick in the leg or something... Now if he totally gave up out of laziness, that may be a different story... So, tell us how it ended... Sounds like it ended in some sort of confrontation or diagreement... Just curious.
If thats the only Shot u have Don't take it Hate lose a deer, Happen to me b4 when i was a youngster Hot Big ole Cow Doe Made low Brisket Shot found no blood very lil hair, we searched and searched w/o any luck Dogs weren't allowed on lease period even to track Wounded Deer , the Next weekend we found it well buzzard did 100 yard farther then we went Darn it Thats why i waint till I got GOOD SHOT NOW
assuming the 1st shooter gave up after 2 hrs only to let the deer lay up and return later to resume tracking is the right call IMO. tracking dog must have been asked for by 1st shooter or services offered by dog's owner. a few more details up to this point would be helpful, but either way unless the 1st shooter completely abadoned the deer and dog's owner went on his own w/out being asked, deer belongs to 1st shooter. we have several hunters in our club w/ tracking dogs (training my own this year) who all jump at the chance to offer their dog's services w/ no strings attached. on occaison the deer is still alive and needs to be finished off, usually it's the dog's owner who is in position to do so. there is never any question about splitting the deer, most dog owners get satisfaction watching their dog work and having to finish off a wounded deer is just part of it. my buddy's lab found 28 deer last season for others, not just in our club but surrounding clubs as well.(including several that needed to be finished off) nothing was given for his services, nor was it asked for. he just loves to watch his dog work. good luck in settling this dispute, but to me it's simple, it belongs to fist blood.

Here you go guys... Done deal. It was settled and the dog owner / 2nd shooter did the right thing.

Read below, this was taken from another post:

'Just for the record, I am the guy with the dog that found this deer. The gentleman that gut-shot the deer is a good friend of mine. We looked for this deer from 9:30am till 1:00pm. After breaking for lunch, my son & I decided to bring my dog in to see if he could trail blood; and boy, did he! Within 10 minutes, he had the deer bayed, then my son was able to put a good shot on him. I did offer to give the meat and horns to the man that originally shot him. He did not want the meat, so I offered to do a 'skull mount' for him. That is how we settled it'

Done Deal
Dead Deer

We can ask questions all day long on ethics and situations and get a ton of different responses.

Dont get me started on daily creel limits, we can get twisted on that one and peoples perception of what the law says...

Good job Shooter

T-8 and counting
This happened to me and a couple guys that a I hunt with in 3Rivers WMA. The rule goes whoever puts the deer down gets the deer. I know it sucks, but what r u going to do when a man you don't know is holding a loaded gun saying he killed the deer so he gets the deer. I rather live to shoot a deer another day!
guys, you know as well as i do the ONLY way to settle this is for the two guys to put on some boxing gloves and duke it out-may the best man win! after that, cook up a backstrap and both enjoy!
i wounded two deer bow hunting a few years ago. while tracking i jumped both deer two times a piece. after the second time jumping them, i made a circle around the deer and came stalking from another direction and walked up on both bedded with their heads facing the way i originally was tracking. i was able to shoot both at 15 steps with the bow to finish them off. if you wound a deer and jump it, make a circle and come from the other way stalking, they will still be concentrated on the way the original danger was from and you can move right up to them and finish them and you probably wouldn't have this dilema.
Man that tracked the buck down and killed it after original hunter gave up, gets the deer and horns.
2 outta 3 .... paper rock sissors... works for our club....