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Cull buck...

Got this guy on camera. He looks like he's on his last leg.
thats an old deer, i wouldnt even see the need to cull him, he aint gonna make it much longer may as well let him live out his days... meat will be pretty tough and he may have had a rack at one point but he's just to old to grow one now it looks like!
very rarely do you see deer live to be 10 year old but if you have another pic of him with a swayback it is probably in that age range with minimal pressure they will get old, and the old ones are not stupid ones so chances are trail pics at night will be your only way of seeing him
two more pics
here are two more pics.
no sway in his back therefore i dont think he is as old as stated before. he may have a wasting disease or disorder, cancer and other diseases do affect other mammals and not just humans.

CWD is the one that affects the deer herds.

google chronic wasting disease in deer and you should have other pictures to compare to and possibly have a diagnosis for this particular animal in your herd

his body looks full and not famined, therefore i would go with he is a really old deer carrying less weight due to less muscle mass, and not a cull deer probably spreading good genetics throughout the years. i would take him if seen
not good
this deer looks young and very sickly. Not knowing what is going on with him I would take him out ASAP. It appears that whatever he has has affected him since the early summer when antlers started developing. He needs to go and yesterday!
Mo Pics
Not sure what yall are seeing to say he is sickly looking. His body is full, neck swollen, probably rutting. Horns bad, but could be caused by poor minerals, drought, maybe an injury. Don't think I would hesitate to kill and eat.
Don't see it
I see a 1.5 yr. age class maybe born late for his area with goofy little first year antlers. looks healthy to me.
make the call
If you see him while on stand, make the judgement then. Either way he is legal for harvest.
I jumped up a buck with only one side to his rack earlier this season. I told others about it and said I would cull it. Some said that the buck may have damaged his rack in velvet, etc.. If I see him while on stand, I'll make the call. He may end up in the freezer!