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birds lately

Hunting has been pretty good from what I've seen the last week or so. Spent last weekend in the Bunkie/Whiteville area. Plenty of ducks in the general area but the masses have not yet taken to this particular section of fields like they did last year. There are, however, droves and droves of snows and specks in the area. Saturday two of us had 4 GW's and 1 greenhead, with plenty of chances on GW teal flights to get our 12. Also should have had a couple of specks at least. Sunday the ducks were even fewer on our field, though strong numbers seen in the general area, managed only to take 1 speck.

Mid-week in SE La marshes was solid with strong numbers of grays all around. Plenty of hunters taking limits of GW's and grays. Limited both days:
Wednesday 16 grays, 1 GW teal, 1 dosgris
Thursday in the rain: 21 grays, 1 wigeon, 1 GW teal, 1 spoon

Good luck out there & Merry Christmas
Hunted yesterday and did well, but boy are the birds skittish. This happens every year around Xmas - New Years. Time to break out Coot's late season tactics. I can't let those silly ducks out fool da Coot!
You know it, adapt your game for the home stretch! I've got a nice wad of coots i've been using and leaving some of the usual ducks at home with good results. Been in Bunkie and Lake Arthur the last two days, home marsh tomorrow. good luck out there!
We spanked em' today. Late season tactics and of course I saw new birds in the area too....
Took a quick solo limit yesterday, 5 GWs and 1 gray. Could have had a few more grays but couldn't stop shooting the teal. These conditions are brutal of late with no wind, clear, etc. Jerk string rig has been clutch. We need new birds, maybe next week....
Yep we hunted biloxi today significantly less birds they moved out with the hot weather...we still shot a few but we are in dire straits of some cold weather...hopefully next week with the cold will bring better conditions
It's not the weather,
it's the high water that pushes them out. We shot 3 man limit yesterday seeing tons of new and stupid birds that came down with the last front. Today we still shot a 3 man limit (mostly teal), but the water was much higher and the grays were far and few between. Monday the lows will be in the upper 20's on the north shore. Monday shall be a good day to hunt.
Have seen it both ways with the water level lately. We killed 7 limits in two days last week during high water sitting in flooded grass hunting 1.5 ft deep ponds. Grays everywhere both days. Generally I've noticed them to move out with higher water but the last couple of years we've seen low water leave us with no birds as well. Just depends on what there is to eat and how accessible it is for them in your area. This morning looks terrible with all the fog around, going to try to get back at it midweek.
You are right Darren. Each hard cold front normally brings new birds down. I know where I hunt I prefer hunting low water, sunny blue bird days with a 10-15 knot north wind. I slept in this morning b/c of fog. Spoke to 2 other groups who were planning on hunting today but did not go b/c of the fog. I will be back at in on Monday. Happy New Year!