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What Bow?

I am looking to buy a new bow and I need some advice. I do not have a ton of money to be able to afford a Matthews, Hoyt, or one of the other expensive brands. I was looking at buying a Reflex Highlander that is made by Hoyt. They retail for about $350, but I found a place where I can buy it for $315. Do you know anything about these bows or can you recommend a good bow in this price range? I am hoping to pull back on one of the bucks pictured.

IBO Speed 305
Axle to Axle 36"
Brace Height 7.25"
Eccentrics Hybrid
Let off 75%
Draw Length 25 - 30
Draw Weight 70
Bow Mass 3.8 lbs
I would suggest checking out They have some awesome deals on some great bows. I personally shoot a Pearson DiamondBack VX. I absolutely love it.
Go check out the PSE Bruin. Bowie Outfitters in Baton Rouge is selling them completely set up for around $375. In my most humble opinion it's the best bow for the money out there. Also - don't buy a bow without shooting it first. All bows shoot differently and there is just no way to know if you are going to like it without shooting it first.

Good Luck,

brew,KEYSTONE COUNTRY STORE( the place to buy,they set the draw,and # ,i shoot a reflex and it is the samething as a hoyt(same company) much less money,i've had mine for 2 years and love it.shoot 278 at 62 lbs,love it check it out
This months issue of Field & Stream compares a few bows in different price ranges in the Buyers Guide section. This may not be the bows you are looking for but it does offer some good advice on making a choice and provides some comparative data on different features. I purchased a bow @ Bass Pro in Shreveport last year during the big August sale and had different bow manufacturers on site to make comparisons. I was able to get some great advice and made a good deal on a bow package. I was not dissappointed. Good luck.
Check out You can get a great used bow for a good price. I bought my first bow there and it was a Mathews used in great condidtion. Their moto is archers helping archers. They do not sell things to make money on the site(well most don't.)Just check it out.
You sound like you have eliminated Mathews from consideration. I wouldn't do that. If you are already looking at spending over $300, you aren't that far from a Mathews. It won't be the top of the line Switchback, but still better than other brands. I have an FX that I paid about $425 for a few years ago. It has never let me down. I would check into one of those before I was scared off by the price of the latest and greatest. Just my opinion.
What kind of camera is that? I have never seen one with the temperature.
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Dont rule out diamond by bowtech, great shooting bows, smooth and quick. Also just read an article in field and stream and they said the best value they have tested was the fred bear code. Just a thought. They did not rate the Reflex Highlander high at all, infact i think it was the lowest of the tested models. But then again it is someones opinion.
I bought a PSE Nova over at Chags in Metairie. The guys there really helped me out and set everything up. With all the attachments, upgrades, arrows, case, etc. i think i paid about 550 total. also they throw in 2 hours free range time to go shoot the thing whenever you want. Maybe i don't have the best but it does the job and i'm not complaining.
Had the Reflex and found that they are noisey. Got on Ebay and bought a new Jennings Buckmaster in the pack for less than 250.00 very pleased with the Jennings it is quiet and shoots great.
You can probably find a good quality used bow in your range. There are alot of people out there that buy a new bow every year. I know a guy selling a Matthews Q2 with sights and rest for $400. Check online classifieds. The reality of it is that all bows will kill. when you put the arrow where you want it. Dead is dead whether killed with a stick or the most expensive bow out there. Enjoy the experience and good luck.
i have a parker buck hunter and its very quiet. i got it for $275 at lafayette shooters. hadn't got to hunt with it yet but i'll be ready this year
i always shot browning, however the last time i went to the bow shop i tried every bow they had in my price range and fell in love with a martin. i shure was not expecting that but i love it. it feels like the bow was built just for me. now my brother likes pse but he tried out several different bows and he fell in love with a hoyt. my advice is to go to a GOOD bow shop and shoot them all and choose the one that feels the best.
Do not buy another bow before you look at and shoot a Parker. They are the best bow on the market for the price they bring. They have bows that will compete with Matthews, but they also have some less expensive models that are good values.