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how to go about selling a 22. RIFLE

Lot Of Misconceptions
Nope. Sell it just as you would a pair of rubber boots. I was an FFL dealer for a number of years. There is a lot of bad info out there about private sales of firearms between individuals and so called 'registration' of firearms. No such thing exist in this state unless its a Class III (ie: suppressed, full auto) or other similar restricted weapon (serial number obliterated. True in all 50 states). Bottom line, as long as you legally own the weapon in this state(ie: legally purchased it or was given it as a gift, passed down to you, inherited,and so on), you can sell. With the above said, its; obviously, prudent and responsible to BE responsible in such a sale of any firearm and to NOT sell to a minor, an obvious crack head, drunk or someone with a sign on their back advertising his or her propensity for violence or criminal activity. Hope this helps.
Not required-but...
Nothing formal is required, but I always recommend executing a Bill of Sale and keeping a copy that has all the information. It can be hand written. Here's what it should contain:

Names, address, phone number of both buyer and seller.
Signature and printed name of both buyer and seller.
Signature and printed names of two witnesses.
Description of the firearm and serial number.
Date and price of sale.
A short statement of the buyer to the effect that he is of legal age for purchase and otherwise not prohibited from legally purchasing a firearm.

Like stated above, it's not required and may seem like overkill. However, it can help protect you if somehow the gun is misused and comes back to you.