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Youth Shotgun Advice

My son is 10 years old and 75 lbs. Based on your experience, can anyone recommend a suitable shotgun for that age and weight? Mossberg has 20 ga. Bantam and Mini Bantam models. The Mini Bantam looks like a good fit and the stock extends as he gets bigger, but only comes with an 18 inch barrel. The Bantam extends as well and has longer barrel, but of course, is heavier.

Just wondering if any of you have kids around the same age/weight that might be able to recommend a model that won't be too much to handle or kick too much. Thanks.
My son is 9 and weighs about 70lb, I checked out all those guns too, I went with the Remington 870 youth model 20guage pump with 21in barrel. He handles it well, we recently went dove hunting, he shot 3 boxes, no complaints!! Think i paid like $350 and its camo too. It also has the LOP system (lenght of pull), you can ad spacers in the stock as he grows a little. Click on some of my reports, there's a picture of it