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tough weather!

The weather's been a bummer lately fighting the fog with no wind, warmer temperatures and LOW water in the marshes. If you're holding some birds you can put together a strap after the fog lifts but don't count on the weather making them move around & unfortunately it's a lot of the same birds with no fronts to move in some new faces. Been scraping together a few here and there in the marsh but no big numbers this week. Seems like everyone's seeing the grays do their usual late-season thing: move out to big water to raft up. Need this week's front in a bad way to shuffle the deck and move some birds around. On the calm days, a jerk string rig has been a game-changer for getting birds close. Made a solo hunt today and saw a surprising number of GW teal, taking my 6 in about 20 minutes, didn't even put eyes on a gray duck. They may have flown later but I was out of the marsh by 7:15. Headed to try some fresh marsh near Lake Arthur later this week, good luck out there & Go Tigers!
Limits are the norm.
I'm still shooting limits every day for the most part. I'm not getting in the blind until well after day light. As late as 8:00 on some days. Seeing the most birds move from 8:30 to 10:30. Been hunting either big water with a large spread or hunting small pot holes with less than 12 decoys.
They got me
My go to spots this past weekend we're 'mud' locked by 8 and the number of birds in the general area of Pointe A La Hache just seems to be down. I'm not even seeing near as many coots on the bays and in the canals. Need some new birds and better tide range for the next couple weekends. I plan on starting from scratch and scouting some new areas of bigger water to hopefully close out the season with a bang.

Saturday was a decent hunt, but the work of digging out and having to leave the decoys out wasn't worth the half dozen birds. The conditions this weekend should be MUCH better. Feed seems to be getting more scarce as well.
IDK, about the feed. I watch grays come and land in mud flats and puddles of water yesterday that only had inches of water. Areas that are impossible to get to in a mud boat or pirogue (air boat yes). Immediately their heads went down into the water. They are feeding on something.

I would try hunting the big water where they are resting or pot holes near areas they are feeding.
Last year we did well around this time by seeking out land-locked ponds that hold water. These ponds were 1ft+ deep when the rest of the marsh was mud and the birds would trickle into there throughout the morning. Haven't checked that hole lately but may have to give it a look later this week. good luck and be safe out there