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Easy and Quick Duck Recipes?

I just finished eating some marinated stuffed bacon wrapped teal and some duck dirty rice. It was awesome, but I'm always looking for different ways to cook ducks, especially quick and easy recipes. What are some of your favorite ways to cook ducks?

Some of my favorites are:
1. Stuffed Bacon wrapped and grilled
2. Chicken Fried Duck Steaks in Italian Crumbs
3. Deep fried teal (bone on)
4. Duck Dirty Rice
5. Duck Wild Rice
6. Duck, Andoulle and Chicken Gumbo
7. Duck Sauce Picante
8. Many different ways of Crock Pot Duck
9. Duck Chili (1/2 duck and 1/2 hamburger).
10. Duck ala Orange
11. Blackened Duck (cut in bite size pieces)
12. Duck Jambalaya
My favorite is to save the wings and legs for gumbo, but take the breast, butterfly 'em and dip in milk then Za'trans seasoned fish fry. Fry like a piece of fish. Awesome and simple. If you want to take it a step further, find your favorite (apple, pear) chutney and spread a bit of that on the pieces. Believe me it's slap-ya-mamma good! Do the same for coot as well.
Coot your top 2 are definetly my favorite but i also like to make tacos.
I cube the meat into small pieces saute them in olive oil with garlic and salt n pepper. Then saute some onions in olive oil with pepper and put to the side. Then i lightly brown some soft flour tortillas in a pan with butter or oil. Put the meat then onions in the tortilla with some sour cream and guac and enjoy. Its pretty simple and delicious and the kids love it.
Here is the easiest recipie I use, and it is delicious if you follow the directions and not waiver. First, I am in the meat business and I know the advantages of aging any 'red' meat; and I catagorize wild ducks in this field. I clean the breasts and vac pack them; keep in fridge for a minimum of 2 weeks(I go as far as 5 weeks). The aging process will enrich the flavor and tenderize the meat as well. I then marinate the breast in olive oil after seasoning with a strong coating of Cavenders Greek seasoning, a lil Tony's, cracked blk pepper and fresh rosemary sprigs, for at least half hour; the longer the better. Get pit as HOT as possible; sear about 2-3 minutes eack side if really hot. You should have good grill marks and a tight 'crust' before pulling them. **IMPORTANT** let stand covered with foil at least 5-7 minutes(do NOT skip this step). Slice them on a bias(angle) accross grain and EAT IMMEDIATELY! don't allow meat to cool to room tempature. Meat should be extra medium rare, but not bleeding. Warm up some pepper jelly for drizzle or dip. I do the exact same thing with venison back strap too; please try it and let me know what you think. Cheers!!
I will have to try that. I have never let them sit that long before in a vac pac. Maybe 7-10 days, but never that long. Now what I do sometimes is I will put the whole ducks (uncleaned) in the fridge and let em' age for a week or so before cleaning and cooking em'.
While I have been saving many of my recipes for my upcoming cookbook on the delicious duck, I thought I might let the cat out the bag early with this one I concocted this season and tested recently...
Smoked Duck BBQ Sliders- Southern Style
Duck breasts hardwood smoked for about an hour or so, sliced and slathered in a slow-simmered spicy, tangy, red BBQ sauce, served on mini po-boy loaves or pistolettes, and topped w/ my delicious cane syrup-molasses coleslaw.
Not quick and easy... but worth the time and effort!