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hi captain paul,
i live in lafayette la, but i would like to start fishing in new orleans la. i was wondering what kind of advice....waypoints you have on the delacroix area and the lake borgne area...i would be staying close to the chef mentour hwy and 510 hwy when i am in new orleans, so it would be closer to lake borgne for me..but i heard the delacroix fishing is a better place to fish..
i have also heard that you have a waypoint system for sale that will help me with finding fishing spots for these areas...will they work with my lowrence elite 5 fishfinder gps??

please reply to my email address
i anxiously await your reply.
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Tim ~

The areas you have described are among some of the most productive fishing areas in the state.

I have Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge files of GPS Waypoints for all of the locations you listed. These would include Edge waypoints for Bayou Bienvenue, Lake Borgne, The Rigolets, Hopedale MRGO to the MS sound, Hopedale MRGO to Bayou Terre Boeufs and the Delacroix to Point a la Hache file.

All of these would work with your Lowrance Elite 5, if your obtain Lowrance’s FREE download for Data Transfers. The Lowracne GPS DATA MANAGER (GDM-6) is available as a download from their web site at The program allows you to transfer data such as waypoints, tracks and routes to and from your PC computer and the Lowrance Elite unit by means of a spare memory card.

The Edge files are sent as an attachment to an email that is sent to you via the internet. You then save the Edge files to a folder in your Documents or Library, open the Lowracne GDM-6, and in the GDM program open the EDGE file for the area of your choice. The EDGE waypoints then appear in the GDM program which allows you to add or edit the positions and save it to the spare memory card. The memory card, a spare Secure Digital card, is then removed from your computer data card reader~writer and placed in your GPS unit. Then by using the MENU features in the GPS unit, are transferred into the internal memory of the unit.

All of the Edge waypoints then appear as overlays on what ever mapping program you have in your GPS unit.

The Edge files offer fisherman an opportunity to get a head start in fishing these areas. In addition, some of the EDGE are underwater reefs and land features which are just below the water surface. The Lake Borgne Edge for instance has many of the now removed Oil and Gas well sites in and around the lake. Although the platforms have been removed, there is still some of the shell and gravel “padding” that was around the sites. The padding was supposed to have been removed when the well site was closed down, but some of the irregular features are still in the area. These sites draw small fish which are part of the food chain.

The Delacroix Edge file has over 250 waypoints, while the Bayou Bienvenue has over 110, the Hopedale to Bayou Terre Boeufs has over 270 and the Lake Borgne has over 160 positions.

You have an unique opportunity to fish some of these prime locations. A larger boat, properly powered and equipped can easily cross Lake Borgne. Using the Bayou Bienvenue as a starting point, puts you with in easy trailing distance to most if nor all of the locations on the east side of the Mississippi River.

This time of the year, the fish will be in the deeper waters where the temperature is more to their liking. I would start by fishing the deeper water in bayous in the marshes. Locations such as Bayou Biloxi in the northern part of the Biloxi marsh, Bayou Hasouse (Sue), Padre and Grand Bayou on the eastern side of Lake Borgne and Bayous Bayou Big Magill around Alligator point would be a good starting point, and the mouth of the lager bayous the empty into the Intra Coastal Water Way (ICWW) between the Rigolets and the old Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) such as Unknown Pass. In addition, there are decent spots on the north side of the ICWW between the Parish Road Bridge and the old Bulk Plant. Fish this area between the rocks and the deeper water of the ICWW.

In the Hopedale area, Bayou St Malo, Petes Lagoon, Muscle Bay and Crooked Bayou also offer many favorable cold winter type fishing.

The Delacroix area offers the angler the ability to choose between so many varied fishing locations that, as you said, is also a very good location. Spots along the Pencil Canal and the Twin Pipelines, and of course Oak River are among some it the favorites in that area.

My rambling could go on for another two pages, so I’ll cut is short now, with the reminder that the Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge files have many, many of the afore mentioned locations in the data. The Edge will give you an excellent overview of some of these locations.

Contact me again if you need specific position fixes for any fishing location that you may want.

~ Captain Paul ~
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