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cant find deer in east feliciana parish

we are on a lease in an area b/w clinton and greensburg off LA 10. we have cutover, woods and pine, along with creekbeds. we have some pics of deer at night but the numbers seem to be low. out of probably 80 times in the stand total(b/w 3 hunters we have seen deer about 10 times and harvested 3 total.

that seems low to me.
is that area not good?
is the density of deer lower there than in SW MS.
thinking of trying to move to another place with more deer......

also, there are a lot of hogs, fwiw.
noctournal deer
To me the area flat out sucks, you'll hunt all season just to see a handfull of deer. All of my deer ever killed there pretty much came from bow season. I've gone 4 months without having 1 daytime pic on 3 different cams. We have over 100 acres of family land that I wont even hunt just because of this reason. Now we always do have plenty deer on cam at night and the land hold some true gyants but it's not worth it to me.
No comparison
I've hunted on 2000 acres in the Chipola area for 20 years now! You CAN'T compare it to southwest Mississippi... at ALL! There actually seems to be getting less and less deer in this area the last few years. Don't get me wrong, my ol man has three hosses on the wall that came from this area, but he darn sure worked hard to get them!
But yes... it's loaded with Hogs now! 20 years ago there wasn't a hog on the property... kinda makes ya wonder if that's a part of the problem. Anyone ever heard of a hog eatin a new born deer???
few deer
Coyotes and hogs and too many does killed ...Period Paragraph . Wildlife and Fisheries are concerned with 'hunter opportunites' not with maintaining a level of wildlife. The 'Hunter Opportunites' sell licenses and thats what it's all about. They receive no general fund funding and have to create 'seasons' and 'opportunities' to sell different licenses . Hunters will never have any say so concerning this ; however, you can kill every coyote and hog you see and learn to hunt them.I realize the statement on does will probably cause a Sh_ _ storm. While getting my biology degree i was taught that when you kill a doe you have killed every deer she would produce and every deer those off spring would have produced on and on ad infinitum. I also realize that any acerage has a carrying capacity. NO WHERE that I HAVE SEEN in Louisiana is near carrying capacity. At carrying capacity then you really do need to kill some does because it's bad for the land ( vegatation) and bad for the herd of deer. Everyone has their opinion whether its an educated one ( BS Biology SLU 1974) pratical education ( a life time in the woods at age 60) and what Ive read since 1960 when I started reading outdoor magazines .The coyotes kill fawns and baby turkeys as fast as they are born and the Hogs compete directly for hard and soft mast with deer and turkeys .See University of Georgia coyote( predator) study
No deer
I think there are a lot of small land owners and hunting, which is part of it. Have not seen a coyote or have any pics of one but the hogs are out of control. Also, there is a large bobcat on the land. Maybe he is making a dent?
this is a picture from one of my trail cams.
excuse quality
had to take pic of the pic but i wonder if bobcats are an issue for the deer herd
One Bobcat
Well, if you think about it anything that is not a deer COULD in some way effect your deer herd. Every acorn that a squirrel eats is one that a deer can not, and so on and so on. A bit dramatic I know, but thats what I am getting at.

Don't waste your time trying to hunt one bobcat just because it may have some effect on the deer. Sure he may have taken one or two fawns in his lifetime but nothing thats going to damage the entire herd. If you start seeing A LOT of bobcats then you may want to do something about it.

What you need to do is:

Step 1. Eliminate the hogs. Unlike my above squirrel dramatization, a large hog population actually can consume a majority of the natural forage and will cause YOUR deer to travel elsewhere in order to find food. Large boars will also sometimes kill young fawns.

Step 2. Eliminate all coyotes. I know you said you have not seen one and do not have any pictures of coyotes, but chances are you have plenty of them and chances are they are killing your deer. Try searching any sandy or muddy areas for dog tracks and set out a camera infront of a pile of dead meat. Coyotes don't pose for pictures over corn piles like deer & hogs do. If you find any coyotes at all, get a predator call and put in as much effort as it takes to eliminate every one of them.

Step 3. Talk to your neighbors. Find out if they are seeing deer and if they practice any type of deer herd management (or just play if its brown its down). If no one within miles of you is seeing deer, you may just want to find somewhere else to hunt. But if they are seeing deer and shooting everything they see then you need to make your land seem like a 'safe place' to the deer in your area by minimizing pressure.

Step 4. Feed all year. Plant summer plots and keep feeding the deer all year long. This of course only applies after Step 1 is complete.

Good luck. And remember, use your time wisely and concentrate on what is going to have the most impact.
E. Feliciana
I hunt in between 10 and 63 and have done so for six years now. This has been the worst to date. Have not even seen a deer while in the stand. There are still plenty of acorns on the ground. Last year we should have shot several deer, but only harvested two due to poor shooting on a members part. (3 hunters/240 acres).
Deer Movement
I hunt an area on 37 close to greensburg and this is the worst year we have had in a while, Think its do the abundant acorn crop this year but no one in our general area has been killing deer. Even the 'brown its down' groups have had little success. Not a good year at all, We have alot of hogs on our land as well and they are a nuisance to our deer. The best thing you can do is like some of the others are saying just take out as many hogs and coyotes as possible and hope for the best. best of luck
Glad to know it ain't just me
Just started hunting 500acres near bluff creek. It's been brutally tuff to find deer 30 or so hunts with no results. Only got deer on camera during the day a handful of times, plenty at night visiting feeders. Havent had hogs on camera since august. Ive hunted quite a few areas of the state i thought that 500acres was cursed, yall make me feel better.
i was rased in E.F.P. never has there been very many deer there.Tu many outlaws...
few deer
I hunted our lease again yesterday afternoon and we did see 2 deer; first deer in over a month. They were several hundred yards down the power line on a adjacent owners property but at least they were deer! any more thoughts on that area? should we throw in the towel and move?
no question Id hit the road. time is money and even if your saving some cash hunting here your flushing your time down the drain.