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Deer Numbers

Deer numbers are going to vary hunting lease to hunting lease. As I saw stated earlier in one of the articles management has alot to do with who is behind the trigger. If you are shooting Louisiana law with limits given I can tell you in a matter of three years on a 200 acre tract you will deplete the deer population by as much as 72% this is a study that was performed by Mississippi State University. The Louisiana law is very forgiving and there is no deer managment implemented into daily bag limits, antler restrictions, and doe harvest days. As with myself I pay the out of state license where there is an antler restriction as the state law and we harvest non bearing does only and I can see as many as 12-15 deer per hunt. We plant year round food plots and have as many as 10 cameras that run year round. Louisiana will never catch up with some of the surrounding states as far as producing trophy whitetails on properties that are not independently managed by landowners. Louisiana is about selling hunting license and the if its brown its down philosphy and if this is not true then they would have adopted an antler restriction as Mississippi did 15 years ago to protect yearling and 1 1/2 year old bucks. Also that is one of the major problems with doe harvest just because the law says you can shoot a doe everyday from Oct 1 to Jan 31 it would be best if you did not practice that rule. Think about it how many laws are passed in the senate house and congress that really do not benefit anyone but the lawmaker themselves. Padding the pockets.
The lawmakers pass laws so that there is a sustainable population. They don't pass laws so you can hang a trophy on the wall. It is up to the landowner to manage their herd however they see fit. If you don't like LA, then stay out.
T bone74 you hit the nail on the head, I totaly agree with you. I will even say our LDWF is a deers worst enemy. I really dont know what these bioligist are thinking, but it sure isn't about a deers best intrest.
Agree with Jacomo
I see a lot of deer and don't want Mississippi's managment that caters to the horn hunters. Do you know how many trophy hunters I meet that don't even eat the deer they kill? That's no the way I was raised. I do hunt in Arkansas on family land and don't see any difference in the quality of the deer and where I hunt in north La. Except there are places up there that the deer are overpopulated and one disease away from a catastrophe. I do kill good bucks and pass on dozens but I don't want the state changing our limits.
your not alone jstogs
well said jstogs. aside from gloom and doom posts on here about the downward spiral of the louisiana deer herd, i think most in this state, myself included, aren't hell bent on trophy hunting. we just want to see deer and occasionally shoot a decent buck.

that being said, i also see a trend where it's all too easy for some to complain w/o doing something about it. it's easy to watch outdoor channel and see a 150 class buck taken out of a wide open field w/ 30 deer in the back ground like a bunch of cows. or someone that takes X amount of bucks off their property in louisiana every year and because this year wasn't as good, all of a sudden, 'we're shooting too many does' or 'LDWF and QDMA don't know what they're doing'.

we have gotten SPOILED !!

deer harvest in louisiana has grown 300% since 1970!! (when the annual harvest was only about 50,000 animals w/ the same amount of hunters in the woods as today)

since the 50's and 60's when an agressive restocking program took place, our herd went from an un-huntable 20,000 deer to somewhere around 700,000 to 1,000,000 today!

i guess LDWF and the relatively new QDMA didn't know what they were doing all that time?

there are a ton of reasons why deer harvest can vary on any piece of property. too many to list here, there is no one word answer or smoking gun. and let's remember it's virtually impossible to effectively manage the deer on a small tract of land only a couple hundred acres in size. there are things you can do to make it more attactive, but too many x factors going on around you on other properties. unless it's a colaborative effort, you will fail.

one last thing, what i do like about the mississippi regs on bucks is that it gives the 1 1/2 yr old bucks a chance to get more mature. not saying it's all about the horns, rather allowing them to get closer to adulthood, thereby creating a healthier, stronger base for the herd.

Lastcast, ur numbers are a little off. The 70's harvest was almost all bucks. Tensasnwr and buckhornwma didnt exist then and all that was hunting clubs as well as all the land between the miss. river levees and none of these clubs allowed does to be killed, even with a bow. Its true the herd was ESTIMATED at 1mill. back then, but current estimates put it at 250,000. 15yrs ago the public started demanding bigger bucks, so the lawf set the current course, but a reduction in numbers was needed to do this so they opened more days. Because statistics show 75% of deer are killed on opening day, opening extra seasons is statisticaly unimportant. They could not see the terrible climatic conditions we've had the last 3 yrs., i myself have never seen all the fish killed in our lake like '09 summer flood and never seen the drought we are still in in Ponds we fished and duck hunted in the past are still dry. This has a terrible impact on browse.
they're accurate
hunt r, sorry if i did a poor job of trying to get the point accross but i think you may have misunderstood what i was saying. i stand corrected though on the current deer herd #'s i posted previously and corrected it below:

-1900 - louisiana deer herd = 70,000 animals

-1925 - louisiana deer herd = 20,000 animals (alltime low)

-1950's - deer restocking efforts take place

-bucks only hunting allowed

-1959 - 1st anterless deer legally taken in louisiana since restocking

-1970- 50,000 deer taken in louisiana by just under 150,000 hunters

-1975 - entire state of louisiana opened up for deer hunting

-2004 - louisiana deer herd estimated at over 1 million strong

-2010-2011 - between 104,832 and 153,500 deer taken in louisiana by a little over 150,000 hunters (difference in #'s is actual tagged deer being reported vs those who responded to mail survey)

-2011 - louisiana deer herd estimated between 500,000 and 750,000 (i stand corrected from previous post)

all the above info found in the LDWF 2010-11 annual harvest report and 2 seperate articles, the links are below. check them out i think you'll find them an intersting read. i know i did.

-the above link is for an article dated sept of 2010 but it appears to have been written in 2004. Dave Moreland, former state biologist is interviewed.

-the above link is to an article from oct 2011 where LDWF private lands biologist Jeff Taverner is interviewed.

personally i feel LDWF has done an outstanding job getting us to where we are today and will continue to do so in the future, providing we also do our part as ethical hunters. i also believe these forums can be an invaluable tool for sharing ideas and gaining knowledge from others. discussions/debates on topics such as this, no matter where they take place are not only healthy but necesary for change, if needed, will ever take place.

that's it, going to bed. playing 'soccer dad' with the kids in the a.m. and parades again tomorow night. good times!
hope everyone has fun parading this weekend and stays safe.

There was a deer season well before 1959 in the eastern part of the state. I first started hunting on willow pt. in '56, but we lived in west monroe and there was no season west of the ouachita river so we traveled there every chance. My father and uncles hunted in tensas well before that. My uncle killed a 30in. spread 10pt with a droptine in '55 near waterproof. My father said his first deer was a spotted fawn, the only deer killed with about 15 hunters and they were glad to get it. When the season opened over here we went the first day and never saw a deer so the next day and then on we hunted willow point, where we saw dozens in a day.Through the '60's we killed our limit of bucks each year. Then came '73. Thanksgiving weekend i killed 3-8pts, spike, and missed 2 more bucks. '73 after the spring flood i saw 3 deer that weekend. The next year the hunting was better and after that back to normal, but there was NO doe hunting, not even a bow. When tensas was formed we killed 6,000 deer that year, and over 4000 several years after. u can see in the article by '04 we were down to 1000-1200. This year less than 300, on 70,000 acres. We have 500 acres. 3yrs ago we killed 25 does, last year 5, this year 2. This was on purpose cause the people around us have wiped theirs out. I can sit in the center of my land an see 15 deer every hunt, but on the edge u wont see any.
the laws are passed to create 'hunter opportunity' whch sells licenses. PERIOD PARAGRAPH.
folks I have been admiring the record racks killed in La. just this year alone. someone must be doing something right in la.
La. does not practice sustainable deer hunting laws. If everyone shot everything legal the population would soon crash.

What they do is allow people with lots of acreage per hunter the ability to kill lots of deer.

If you and your club rely on the state regulations as a guide to your hunting land then you have a problem right there. YOU need to manage your lands.