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Another vid sight fishing with Matrix shad spinner

Crushed the reds again yesterday in Biloxi Marsh in the new Team Gator Trax boat on Matrix Shad spinner baits, wind blew 15 mph plus but water was crystal and most reds were caught in 8-20' gin clear water ,,,
Table dance?
Nice catch and great job on the video! I'd need hand rails on that thing! Especialy in that wind!

Capt E
Casting Deck
Century Man, did you get your casting deck on the bow from Gator Trax? And if so, how high does it come up off the bow. I have the same boat, with a poling platform and would also like a front deck. Appreciate any information, Thanks Jason.
Boat platform couldn't live without
Thanks Elton ,. if I could only figure out how to edit, I would be in great shape, I caught 46 reds that day and with a sony pmb software program recorded everything in high def 1080p, it only allows you 1 minute and 40 seconds of a trim, so everytime I would get into them I would the turn the camera on and off hoping to sight one and catch him and get him in the boat in less than 1 min. 40 seconds, if I knew how to edit i have 4 hours of film yesterday, 71 gigs of film this year,,, just no time to mess with this stuff, as far as boat I dip that boat into the way shallows it only drafts 6' with a shallow bottom and a 115 hp it goes 49mph everything is custom redfishing machine/.

The platform? gator trax can build any exact height whatever there is nothing they can not do everything is custom in this boat , now I will give you a few more ideas on my poling platform way above the motor on back, I made post for a leaning post I slide into it, so people can lean into when sighting off the back.

The front one I anchored done with stainless steel loops. Gator Trax put on one I put the other 2, three total everything on boat is stainless to shine but with hydro turf even with the silicone I put under this platform the platform was sliding now with 3 anchor down criss crossing chains and silicone and turf it doesnt move even when flying thru 2 ft seas, I run this boat hard , I made my seat an engel with a very nice Real Tree custom engel cushion,, then stenciled the Engel 80 qt a duck camo grass weed to match the outside of the boat paint, this boat is one of a kind check out the pics.

Just talk to Kent at Gator Trax, tell him you want a platform like Century Man has on his boat he will take care of you
Casting Platform
Really nice looking rig Century Man. I have the 1860 Guide Edition and really like it. Awsome boat for hunting and fishing. These months all I do is sight fish for reds in port sulphur. I have the bowfising deck on mine but with the trolling motor and 2 batteries, it's a lot of bow weight for a 35 mud buddy motor. I will call them tommorow, they are really good people to deal with over there. Thanks for the info, Jason.

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