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Need Some Advice from Other Boat Owners

Hey Guys,

I really need some advice from yall that are married, own offshore boats and get to fish.

I'm 26yrs old, work rotating shift work at a Plant in Port Allen, Louisiana. I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to manage buying an offshore boat for inshore/offshore/spearfishing and not distancing myself from my girlfriend 'maybe wife one day'. I can't be the only person out there that works shift work and has this dilemma.

I really want to be able to offshore spearfish, and hunt during deer season but I dont want my hobby to jeopardize my relationship/marriage one day. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?

Does your Girlfriend hunt/fish?
Yes. Excellent your relationship will stand the test of time.

She wants to learn. Even better. There is something special about getting folks involved in the outdoors.

No. Your relationship will not last because she will never understand it and will always complain about how much time and money you spend of senseless stuff instead of her.
It can work
First, Big Country my wife does not hunt or fish and April will be 28 yrs of does work.

I try my best to keep my outdoor passion in balance with my family life. To me that means that I am not gone every weekend and when I am gone I am not gone all day long. This minimizes the friction between me and my wife when it comes to hunting and fishing. I don't know what that balance is for you, but that is what you need to find.

If she is an outdoors have a keeper. Include her.
Marriage and the outdoors
I have to agree with FOM, you have to find a balance between your interest and hers. In my case my wife loves to inshore fish but gets sea sick offshore. I on the other hand prefer to fish/dive offshore. My wife also loves the beach, so I sold my camp in Leeville and bought a lot on GI so when I am offshore she can walk to the beach, and offshore is an all-day event for me I am going to fish the aggregate to get the most for my money. Oh and I do take her chasseing the specks and reds inshore from time to time.

Hope y'all can find a way to make it work.

My wife loves hunting and fishing as well just not as much as I do. Most of the time when I go her and the kids are with me. Now if I'm wanting to go and she doesn't then I stay home with her and the kids the weekend and do the family things. But I make my fishing trips during the week days while the kids are in school and she is at work. I take some buddies to help with the cost. I to work the rotating shift work. The biggest thing to remember is to keep her satisfied not your buddies that nag you to go all the time. This works out good for us. But at the same time you do have to get your honey dues done before you can get your hunting or fishing trip in lol.
Right woman
Read an article on this subject years ago. It said if you fish/hunt 50 plus times a year, find a woman that enjoys the same. The divorce rate was like 75% if she didn't your outdoor fun. Had a guy fish with me last year that fished over 100 tournaments with different partners. He said at least 75% of them had been divorced at least once. Bottom line, find a woman that enjoys the water and woods as much as you do or you will likely pay a hell of a high price. Good luck on finding her.