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Deer Hunting in Turkey Creek/Glenmora area

Can anyone give me the skinny on deer hunting in the Turkey Creek/Glenmora area? In particular, I am wondering how it is around Cocodrie Lake.

Details on the quantity and quality of deer would be appreciated.

lots of outlaws
I hunt on a small piece of family land in the area and i have not killed a deer yet. Last year i started baiting early and had pictures of 1 deer. it was a doe but coming everyday during daylight hours. I got out there on the friday that bow season opened so i could try to kill it before the squirrel hunters started shooting up the woods cause everyone around there squirrel hunts. Well i was sitting in my stand and i heard something behind me so i looked and it was a guy squirrel hunting in my woods with a pellet gun(squirrel season didnt open until the next day). Right about the time i saw him behind me, the deer i had been waiting for ran out from in front of me cause it was spooked. I hunted the rest of the season and didnt see another deer. The area is nice but you just have to monitor your property and be out there as much as possible cause many people think that it belongs to them. I hope this helps you

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