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Pheasant hunting

I need a little help. My wife expressed to me today that she would like to go Pheasant hunting. I wanted to see if any of you have had any experience with any guides in Louisiana or Mississippi. We want to have a guide and dog for the hunt. If ya'll have any experience good or bad please let me know.Thanks.
Give Mike a call at Bayou Teche Hunting Presere in Breaux Bridge(337)332-1608. We made a trip with him a few weeks ago. He will be hunting until the end of March. We bring our own dogs but he does have guides with dogs if you want. We usually make 2 or 3 trips a year there and have always had good experiences. The birds flew very well for us and are healthy. Right now he can get Phesants or Quail. I don't know if he has any Chucker avaliable right now. When we went he was out.
I make oil too.
Thanks for the advice. I will look up his website. I have to get my wife a Hunter Safety Card. It seems that it is going to be a little more difficult than I thought. The classes aren't offered very often and the ones that are a long way from home. The online class requires a field day and they are booked up already. If anyone knows of a Hunter Safety class around St. Tammany, Washington, or Tangipahoa parishes please let me know. I really would like to take her on a hunt this season.
Covey Rise
there is a super nice place on teh North Shore called Covey Rise. They have guides/dogs/guns, and are really nice.
Temporary license
Although I highly recommend she takes the Hunter's Safety course as soon as possible, she can get a temporary license without it.

Who Is Required To Take The Hunter Education Course?
Act 149 of the 1984 Louisiana Legislature enacted a mandatory education requirement for anyone born on or after September 1, 1969. All hunters born on or after this date must successfully complete the course in order to hunt in the State of Louisiana. Some exemptions apply, see below.

•EXCEPT a person who has not completed a hunter education course may be issued a license with the restriction that they are accompanied by, and under the direct supervision of a person 18 years of age or older who has a valid hunting license or proof of successful completion of a hunter education course.

She can get this license and make the hunt in accordance with those provisions.

NOTE: She can take the course online anytime. She will have to wait to get certified once the required 'Field Day' portion of the course is available in your areea. It certainly would be a good idea to at least have her take the online portion BEFORE you put a gun in her hand.
I checked Covey rise website and it says that the pheasant hunt is done in a controlled realease manner. You stand in a spot and they release the birds, almost like skeet shooting. We would rather walk the fields. I will call them and ask if they can do a field hunt.

CHolmes, Thanks for piontint this out to me. I remember now reading it awhile back in the hunting pamplhlet. My wife has shot guns with me before including skeet shooting. We just never have gone uniting together. Almost 12 years and not a hunt together. I feel ashamed, on the other hand now she is getting interested. Maybe its because I take the kids and we leave her home alone and she gets bored. Any way, I will definetly get her to take the online course and take her to practice several times before we go make the hunt. Thanks again for pointing out the temporary lisence.
field hunts
they do field hunts as well. I train my spaniel there sometimes.
Covey Rise is Pheansantless. They said their pheasant supplier is out of Pheasants. I would have liked to have gone there beings it is so close to the house.
Dry Creek Ranch
Dry Creek Ranch near Deridder,LA. guys name is Josh
337-515-3666. one of the Best.
I don't think she needs a hunting liscense to hunt at a game preserve. These are not wild birds they are put and take.