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LA sportsmans bass tournament

Just went and fished Doiron's for the first time this past weekend. I don't know much at all about the place but managed to get a few nice bass even with muddy and high water and a lot of current. I'm gunna be entering the La sportsmans tourney on march 10, and I was wondering what weight do you guys think can get in the top 20 to fish the second day? Not wanting any tips or locations or anything, just a general weight estimation that would most likely get into the top 20, because I never really fish the area so I really have no idea about how big the stringers can be there.

I am no expert , but if I had to guess 13-14 pluse and around 18 or so per day to win. That's considering good weather.
No way to tell. I fished the Pro Bass Challengr this weekend and most of the fish that were caught seemed to have spawned already. There will still be plenty of fish that haven't spawned so there will still be some good fish up shallow providing the weather allows.
Last year the PBC took close to 40 lbs to win, this year it took 23 lbs. That being said, the weather will be the biggest factor. If a late front moves through, it will be very tough.
To make the cut, I'd say you will need 10-12 lbs.