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Windy Pontchartrain

Sooo glad we didn't let the wind keep us home! Took off work today to fish, hit the causeway and even with high winds, took home 34 beautiful trout! Rattletraps with B-2 squid trailers or matrix shad clear? (don't know the name of it). About half hit the trailers, half hit the 'trap. Had to really slow it down which meant trolling into the wind today. What a great day with my oldest son! Will try to get his pics posted.
Nice job!!
I've been trying to make my first Causeway trip all week but work keeps getting in the way! Saw some whitecaps around the twin spans this AM so I figured I wasn't missing much. WRONG!

Barring a Hurricane I'm going Monday - my boat trolls at 2.2 - 2.5 mph, a little less into the wind. Do you know what speed you had the best luck with? If I throw out a 'wind sock'... er, 5 gallon bucket, it slows me down a bit.

Nice catch!
I've never Fished Causeway, I wana get into this Trollin
You may want two buckets. We had absolutely no success at anything but 1.4 - 2 Mph. Faster than that and we got nothing. Also seemed like the braided line was best. The winds look good for this Monday, at least when I checked yesterday they did.

Once you get a few hits, unless you just keep on picking up fish as you go, crank up and go back to where you caught the first and start over. We fished a stretch less than 1/2 mile long and picked up 2-4 fish every pass. Experiment with amount of line you let out, but I gotta reiterate, GO SLOW.
Nice catch. Trolling is usually good until the 1st full moon in April. With the water temps higher than usual I would not be surprised to see the trout abandon the trolling bite earlier this year. When they they go to the jig bite is when the men get separated from the boys.
Nice Catch!
That sure was a bold move heading to fish Lake P. in those winds, I like it. No wishing you were fishin, congratulations on your catch.

ps I left a note for you under nightfisher's post of where he was fishing and is fishing today.
Thanks, Holy Mack
Thanks, I was wondering about that. I was toying with the idea of trying some trolling in MRGO, too, because of the wind but opted for the shorter car ride (2 miles to Williams boat launch) instead and it paid off.

I remember hearing Blackie Campo talk about trolling MRGO, and may try that next time I'm down there if jigs aren't producing. I'd love to pick your brain about fishing Delacroix, only been a few times but my wife enjoys the peacefulness of the marsh over the constant sound of tires slapping the expansion joints of the Causeway. And would live to restock my redfish fillets, too.

Thanks again,
Monday report....
Headed to the Causeway with the wife for my first trip ever as the weather was good. Trolled for about 3 hours with 3/4 blue&chrome traps with and without trailers.... 1.5-1.9 mph, north/south, south/north, just off the bottom, North end almost to South end (North cleaner but neither side very clear).

Nothin', zilch, nada, no nibbles, bites, taps. Talked to seveal other's and all were skunked except one who went to Fountainblue and caught 2 reds. One fellow caught 32 trout last week....


The free Mandeville launch is very nice.
Still beat workin'
Nice day for a boat ride (little rough at first)
Their probably killin' em today! lol
monday report
Watch the barometric pressure. anything over 30.30 do yard work.......
It sure is better than being at work! Sometimes it's just one of those days, and we all have them.

A couple things I noticed, is that we had S winds changing to SW and fished pre-front, with the barometric pressure in mid 29's. The water was clean as well.

Your conditions varied a bit with the barometric pressure nearing the mid 30's and rising, winds more Westerly so the water was not as clean.

This doesn't mean fish can't be caught in those conditions, just stating that it didn't make it any easier on you, just as geaux12 mentioned. You trolled for 3 hours without a bite, well we did the same trolling and jigging with nothing, and did not start catching till the afternoon and it was mostly cloudy.
we were out ther ALL day yesterday as was lame, the water was dirty and rough on the way out...we trolled for hours with zero hits, experimented with several different lures and nothing finally around 2 i hooked a nice flounder on a black and gold crankbait i was experimenting with...then a solid trout that was knocked off the net man at the boat boy was i hot lolol...made the same pass and caught one speck and missed another then that was it...two more hours of nothing so we headed on back in...hopefully the water will clean up and the fish will turn back on soon
Went Sunday and caught a few, water was fairly nice closer in. At first I was alone but eventually the armada moved in also looking for clean water after first heading out to 8-10 miles. All nice fish, blue/chrome rattletraps, no trailers. With the water a little dirty, looks like the way to go is without the trailers since it hinders the 'wobble' of the plugs. The vibration from that wobble helps the fish locate in that dingy water, caught nothing on any lure with a trailer that day. Went Monday for an hour or so, rough and dirty right off the bat. Same stretch of bridge from day before and not a one hit, packed it in early! Later this week it should clean up, good luck guys
no trailer
Never thought about not using a trailer in dirtier water due to it limiting the 'traps action, great tip!
Nice tips!
Thanks for the reports and suggestions! The lake looked like chocolate milk Wednesday by the Twin Spans but hopefully it clears up in a couple of days. I'm going to try the Causeway again next week - lookin' for a 'Wishin I was Fishin' haul.... lol

How/where do you get an accurate forecast of the barametric pressure?? What's the best range??

fri 3.9.12
Made it out there today dodging most of the rain, wind would come and go but mostly rough though water stayed pretty nice. Boxed 21, lost or missed another 5-7. Biggest was about 20in, smallest 15in. Gold & red were hot colors, both in traps and a rapala trap-like plug I was pulling. If you can handle the rough water (safely!) the fish don't mind it! good luck out there, sportsman show tomorrow PM
We'll see what Saturday brings!
My son's going after 'em again Saturday! Only problem is we're on the south shore and the wind's gonna be out the NE most of the morning, so he may be rockin' and rollin'. We'll see. Glad you got 'em. Were you north or south?
We're out of Mandeville, launching at the harbor. Looking at the LUMCON station in the lake, the wind never came down last night and looks to be blowing this morning as-advertised (ENE @ 15.5 as of 7:48am). Only good thing about the easterly winds is that it'll usually bring in nice water from MS Sound/Lake B, so should stay fairly clean out there. I met your son a few months back, small world. If you can stand the rockin and rollin it usually helps add some erratic action to the plugs and also helps in keeping your speed down. hope he's on 'em today
Too roug!
Well, he just pulled the boat out after venturing
A few hundred yards out. It's nasty on the south shore this morning! Hope you have better luck!