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Causeway Fishing

I am looking to do some fishing at the causeway this weekend. I donít have the setup to troll. So I am looking for any tips on where I can Anchor and fish or just drift along casting artificial or live bait under a cork. Thanks
Troll or Cast
Don't worry about your setup if it's rodholders you're talking about. You can hold the rod if you don't mind, and it's kinda cool to feel the strike instead of grabbing the rod out of the rodholders, and you can work the bait by jerking the rod forward as far as you can, then pointing the rod quickly to the lure which lets it stop and fall a little, giving somewhat erratic movement. We caught several last week like that when the trolling slowed down. Yeah, you may get a little tired of holding the rod, but you can do it. Or go buy some rodholders that clamp on if you have rails.

If u don't wanna troll, then pick anywhere and begin casting to the pilings. search this site for some videos showing the technique - you've got to let the lure reach the bottom, and you've got to keep the line right on the fall, and you've got to watch your line for any movement, no matter how subtle. If you catch, then it's most likely you'll catch the rest of you're fish with the exact same presentation, though sometimes (rarely) you'll catch them every which way.

You've gotta troll slow with a lot of line out. 1.8 miles or slower. Good luck.
1.8 mph???? that bout idling huh i have 50 Merc 18 ft boat
If u don't have a GPS, then go as slow as you can. If you're moving you're lure is moving, so don't think it's too slow. If you're going as slow as you can, and not getting em after a while, then it's time to speed up. But we're talking less than 1 MPH faster. Bring two five gallon buckets with a few holes in em and that'll slow you down, u may only need one. And let up to 50 yards of line out. Try different things ....
troll speed
I have an 18' flat boat. I use a drift sock. Works great. Got mine at Academy in Covington.

I've had the most success with 3/4oz blue/chrome rattle traps.
Thanks for Info,,,,,,,,,,,, gona head out Sunday its clsoe to Home