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Out of state boat registration checklist in New Orleans

I just got done the process, and have a 14' aluminum flat boat that I purchased from my brother-in-law with no HIN (1969) with last registration from 2005 in Alabama (which doesn't title boats and no title or registration on trailers)

1- Get notarized BOS for boat and trailer separately, along with copy/original registration form out of state

2 - Fill out R1331 downloadable from LDWF

3 - Bring bill of sale, registration, and R1331 to State department of Revenue (Baton Rouge open everyday, New Orleans only open tues/wednesday by appointment at 1450 Poydras in the pink building across from superdome, 8th floor I think [NOT 1555 Poydras like everyone says]. Make appointment about 1.5-2 weeks in advance) R1331 must be filled out by state before going to Orleans Parish tax authority no matter what the people on the phone tell you.

4 - Bring R1331 to City Hall, Bottom Floor, make right after entering through metal detectors at
main entrance, office is the LAST door on your left. No matter what they tell you, you do not need to fill out some long crazy application form. The ladies at the application window on the far left will sign and notarize R1331.

5 - Bring completed R1331, NBOS, and ORIGINAL Registration from out of state signed by previous owner to LDWF in Baton Rouge. $23 and 10 min to 1.5 hour wait and they will hand you the stickers.

A few notes, if your boat is missing a HIN and it is pre 1972 then the processor claims you are still within the elligbility to be registered (different from the LDWF website, but confirmed by the boating regulations handbook received upon registration that is suppose to be the most current). I would make a copy of your BOS because LDWF wants to keep the original.

The trailer seems like its going to be a whole nother story. I just called the State Police and got automated message telling me in order to get the trailer inspected and a VIN stamped that I'll need:

1) affidavit/Judgment of Award from a Justice of the peace ($60 bucks from Jefferson Parish at 1803 Williams BLVD, 504 - 466-7984. The lady that picked up the phone sounded very knowlegdable and forthright, which was a pleasant surprise after dealing with all the tax BS in Orleans. She did however say its not garunteed and that the Judge has to review all paperwork ect.)
2) Title, Registration, OR Bill of Sale
3) Current Proof of Insurance

I'm assuming I have to get the inspection done before I can go over to the DMV and get the trailer registered/legal. On my way to the Justice of the peace now.

PM/email/comment if you have questions about the process I went through for Orleans/LDWF. When I was going through this I was hardpressed to find info on a out of state boat pre 1972. I'll try and post if I ever get the trailer done. I also wanted to post because I have tons of time off right now, and couldn't imagine getting this done if I was currently working. The boat issues could have been taken care of in a single day with the list I gave above if your appointment with the State Department of Revenue was early enough.
I got my affidavit together and am getting it notarized tonight.

Does anyone know what my trailer has to have to be legal? I can't find the specs anywhere. IE I got the brake/blinkers working, but do the yellow side lights in the middle of the trailer have to work?
Does anyone else not think that this is ridiculous? I had trouble following the instructions in your post and I'm a lawyer!

I just bought a 12 ft boat and trailer for $800 this week. It cost me nearly $160 and 4 hours to register A 12 FT BOAT and TRAILER. What BS, but hey--I'm legal!
I don't know what the deal is, I re read through my list and most of it sounds good to me, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Was your boat registered in Louisiana? Did you have to deal with the state department of revenue and Orleans parish tax authority? Was your trailer ever registered or titled. I have no previous title, registration, or VIN on the trailer. I was told by the justice of the peace in order to get a Judgement of Award on the trailer I have to have a state police inspection. I was told by the state police (troop B in Kenner, LA) that I have to have a Judgement of Award from the Justice of the peace in order to get an inspection. What comes first the chicken or the egg.

I can't register the trailer and pay the tax to get a license plate until I have an inspection, unless I do something illegal like stamp my own VIN in the trailer, but I prefer it to be legit.

Is all of that understandable?
This is the first time I have ever tried to get a new registration on ANYTHING so maybe I just don't know the ropes yet. The document that caused the most trouble was the R1331 in order to pay taxes on the out of state. I actually didn't have to pay taxes because it was a used boat, but LDWF still wants the R1331 signed by both the department of revenue and local parish tax authority. Both of these departments in orleans look at you like your crazy when you show them the form, and don't even try calling them to ask about it.

Don't think you're dumb. I think the process is extremely burdensome just to register a boat.
Louisiana make it so hard to be legal its like they want you to break the law.
I recently bought a bass boat from Nevada and just went through the process. If you purchased the boat from an individual and not a dealer you DO NOT need to fill out the R1331 form. You only pay taxes on the trailer. Being that the boat doesnt have any numbers might be a different situation though.
To simplify:

When you buy your boat from a dealer out of state:

Make sure they provide you with a:

1. Notarized bill of sale for the boat
2. Notarized bill of sale for the trailer.

Bring notarized bill of sale and certificate of origin for the TRAILER to local DMV, trailer registration and trailer taxes will be processed here. (if you paid taxes to dealership, they will send a check to the DMV).

Send completed R1331, and notarized bill of sale for BOAT/ MOTOR to La. Dept. of Revenue to be have La. state tax payment confirmed and signed off on by tax officer.

Once you receive the signed R1331 with letter of confirmation, typically the state will refund you the parish tax amount owed, since the dealer will likely send the state and parish amount to the state tax office.

Take notarized bill of sale for BOAT/MOTOR and signed R1331 to parish tax office to pay parish taxes. They will add parish tax info to R1331 and provide parish tax payment confirmation.

Send Signed R1331, and other tax payment certifications, notarized bill of sale for BOAT/MOTOR, certificates of origin for BOAT and MOTOR, and completed LDWF registration application with check/ money order for title/paperwork amount, to LDWF office in Baton Rouge. Your local game warden office can provide the forms available on the website.

This is the process I recently followed for buying a new boat at a dealership in MS.

A few lessons learned:

The dealership wasn't very affluent with Louisiana's process, prepare yourself and know what you need to leave the dealership with:

1. Notarized bills of sale for boat/motor and trailer SEPARATELY. In some cases the manufacturer provides pricing for the boat/motor/trailer package, but make sure you DON'T LEAVE THE DEALERSHIP without either an itemized bill of sale showing a breakdown in price, or at least one bill of sale for the trailer, and another bill of sale for the boat/motor.

This will save any issues and headaches with correct tax calculations when you get to the DMV and parish tax office.

Also, providing addresses to the dealership for State tax office, parish tax office, and local DMV will further ease the process.

Hope this helps.