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What kind of fish is this???

Caught this in my drainage canal in destrahan.
It's called a Texas Cichlid. Also called a Rio Grande perch. Suppose to be fairly common around New Orleans. They were established after being released by aquarium owners.
i'veen atching them for about 10 years now and noone ever knows what they are. We wound up just calling them hmp head perch until one day I went to the aquarium of the americas and seen they had an exibit. Pretty cool story behind how they got started here. All the ones I've caught were black.
Thanks for the info guys!!!
Not really cool that they started here. They are an invasive species that reproduce very quickly, so if you catch one even if not to keep you should just throw it up on the bank. That is why at the city park bass rodeo they have the 'rio grande round up' to try and get as many as they can out of the parks ponds and lagoons. I have heard that if you catch one big enough to eat that they are good though, but as wrong as it sounds, it would definitely be a good idea to kill all the ones that you catch.
i would love to put one or two of them in my aquarium if anybody catches some and can keep them alive i would be willing to buy them
The regulations.
2012 Louisiana Recreational Fishing Regulations Pamphlet - page 17
No person may possess or sell in this state the following fishes:
All species of piranha
Carp [except koi or common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and Goldfish(Carassius auratus)]
Rio Grand Cichlid
Freshwater electric eel (Electrophorus sp.)
Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
All members of the families Synbranchidae (Asian swamp eels), Channidae (snakeheads), Clariidae (walking catfishes), and Trichomycteridae (pencil catfishes)
Exotic species of Asian carp (silver, bighead, black and grass) taken recreationally from state waters must not be returned to the water and may not be possessed alive.