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What is your recipe to boil 1 sack of crawfish. I know everyone that reads this site can boil a sack of crawfish, especially in So. Louisiana...Let er rip....
Recipe for 1 sack of Crawfish

1-Sack Crawfish (40-lbs)
4- Packs of Zatarain’s Crawfish Seasoning (orange and blue bag)
1 – Small bottle liquid crab boil

Water about 2 inches below crawfish level

About 6 lemons cut in half
5 lbs small red potatoes
2 lbs onion whole
Whole Garlic

Bring water to a rolling boil

Add Crawfish to boiling water

Return to a rolling boil

Reduce heat to low

Boil for 7 minutes – turn heat off

Add: (as much as you want)
Hot Dogs
*any veggies you want

*soak for 10-15 minutes

Drain and dump!

Eat UP!
I used to use zat but it is to salty.
Swamp fire. is what i go to now.
Get water boiling add 3/4 jug swamp fire .
let boil 5 min. Put taters ,corn and heads of garlic in mesh bag. Boil 10 min . add sack of crawfish, Bring back to boil and boil 6 min. Turn off fire and add 1 bag of ice.
let soak 20 min. EAT.
If ya like the corn from tony's just boil it in a seperate pot w/ liquid boil and honey.
you can add anything to a boil from a canned ham to artichokes .
Last time I'll give away the secret:

Louisiana brand powder
Zatarains liquid at soak
Only tip I will give is 3 bottles of Zat Liquid (Lemon) and 3 bottles of the garlic and onion Zat Liquid. Pour in AFTER you cut the fire off. That's when you add 4 sticks of butter too.
2 bags chackbay for 40lbs, 1 bottle of liquid zat., half box salt, half jar cayenne. I do corn first and seperate from everthing else with only the liquid zat for 10 min. Put all other vegs in with the corn, just put them in a boil bag. After corn is done add crawfish put veg bag on top. Bring back to boil, then boil for 6-8 min, take veg out,and soak crawfish for 20-30 min depending of spicyness.
-1 Jar Zat. Powder
-1 Small bottle of liquid
-1 Zat bag
-A few shakes of cayenne
-Potatos, corn, shrooms, garlic, lemon, lemon juice, celery, fresh green beans, artichoke, baby carrots, hot dogs
-Throw all that in the pot with youe water. Mix it up. Put cover on, and crank up the fire.
- Once it comes to a good rolling boil (boil for about 3 minutes) throw in the crawfish.
- Again let come to a good rolling boil than shut it off.
- Take lid off (You are done with the lid), pick the basket up and down a few times to release some of the steam. Drop about 6 lbs of ice on crawfish and stir.
- Hose down outside of pot for a few minutes.
- SOAK for 20 - 25 Minutes