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Noodling-Lake Ramsay-17 Years old

WHAT A DAY! Me and a couple buddies take the cajun kayaks (pirogues) out to go try and catch some Ramsay bass but they seemed non-existant. So to cool off we went for a swim. I had just watched the show mudcats (a catfish noodling reality tv show). So I tel my buddy Mike Jones who was featured in the April issue of LAS Mag for his unmatched ability to catch monster cats on trot lines in the tchefuncte River, 'hey lets try some noodling!' He of all people backs down. But I fo iy by myself and come across a culvert in the mud with both ends barely exposed. Just jokingly I stick my foot in one end. And boy was that nothing to joke with! I jumped clean out the water when it first hit me! But I had my eye on the prize. I reached in there and after many painful rips and thrashes I pulled this 10 pound blue cat out with my bare hands! Just like the mudcat guys do! I was so excited I told everyone I had in my phone book just about! So tonight Im typing this with my cut up hands, hoping someone would at least get a good laugh out of my experience of a lifetime!
God Bless! And good fishing!
-Vincent Orlando
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