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Power Pole or Talon?

OK, if you were to spend the money on a shallow-water anchor system, which would you prefer: The Talon or the Power Pole?

Please give me the reason for your decision.

Powerpole is better in my eyes.

The talon is probably a better mechanism, but it's in the way. Once you deploy the powerpole, it's a clear deck to fish from.
I have owned both of them and have fished very hard with both setups. I couldn't wait to get the Talon off of my boat and I know of other 'SALTWATER' fishermen who feel the same way.

My first 8' power pole gave me ZERO problems in the the three years I owned it fishing over 200 days a year. While awaiting for the new 10' Power Pole Blade to arrive for my new-used boat, I decided to try the Talon knowing it was coming off as soon as the Blade arrived, what a mistake.

With the Power Pole one can send it down as far as they wish which is important in our bay system. The Talon senses on it's own how far down it will penetrate and it's almost never enough. My Talon would hit an oyster shell or something it deemed hard then decide that was enough when it wasn't. Then it would slip, dragging across the shells making a huge racket which we know is a big no no in a shallow bay. The two out of the ten times the Talon did actually stick, it was a matter of time before it would slip and even in the rough water mode it simply would not penetrate further by hitting it's electric buttons. I've spoken to many Talon 'SALTWATER FISHING' Talon owners who have reported that same problem.

Talons' claim is it's an electric motor, easier to install, no hydraulics needed. The Talon may be good in shallow ponds or some places freshwater fishing but when on irregular, hard, soft, or shell bottom with current and waves a factor, they're worthless. With the Power Pole hydraulics I tell it how far I want it to go down and it goes down well into the bottom if needed, the power of the hydraulic motor is very important. In other words, I didn't like the Talon thinking for me, you (the Talon) don't tell me where you need to be, I'll tell you where I want you to stop. The Talon slipped sending me towards the fish in a near panic trying to stop the boat more times than anyone onboard had patience.

Additionally, I read the comment F00Mustang made, it may sound like it wouldn't make a difference but he was dead on correct, it makes a lot of difference. I didn't think about it until using the Talon that once deployed it was still in the way. When casting or slinging Trout in the boat from the stern, the Talon got it in the way all the time. The Power Pole deployed is out of the way when casting and much easier to swim a fish past it or over it before boating the fish. Also something to consider is the new 10' Power Pole Blade depending upon where fishing. With the additional depth I am able anchor in places I couldn't reach with the 8 foot Power Pole. That's another one of those things that may not sound like a lot until actually using it. The way it looks on your boat, well that would only be one's opinion. Hope this helps!
I just bought 2 of the new model powerpoles with the C-Monster control system. It's a massive upgrade from the original powerpoles. Anyone, and I mean anyone can install these. 2 wires and 2 hoses per powerpole. I don't have any experience with the Talon, but if LA Sportsman wants to sponsor me and give me one, I'd love to give you a report on it!
I prefer the PP because its out the way when its down. Talon is always there in your way.
i fish fast with my trolling motor wide open. When I get on fish I need a quick stop and the Talcon works great as I need to stop on a dime. I am not an anchor fisherman more tolling motor guy. PS also works great for pan fishing and grand kids as again i NEED THAT FAST STOP. In lafitte you have to gas up on the main canal and was a pain until I got my talon now pull up in a close spot down it goes and I fill up in no time and don't have to worry about boat waves love it.
Can somebody post a photo of the pump you have to install to operate the Powerpole?
I prefer the Talon. no hydraulic pump in your boat, nothing to fill up & and I love the fact I alternate it between my flat boat and bass boat with the quick connections that I have. Takes less than 2 minutes. Also you can take it off in 30 seconds and put it in your house,garage or shed if you want so nobody steals it.