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What a result for turkey hunting

So, went turkey hunting at my lease in mississippi, hadn't went all year, first and last weekend for me.
So I went to small food plot where a source tells me a few were gobbling. On the way down I here so owl hooters on the end of our property so I slip in setup and wait. They keep hooting and then 3 birds start going nuts. I soft purred and soft yelp. Immediate response from two birds. Within minutes they hit again even closer. I wait, do one more soft yelp and soft purr. They hit again even closer then I see two white heads coming down a ridge. I line up waiting, then on the knoll in front I hear something else walking up..... A red fox comes out sneaking to my decoy, the gobblers pop and putt and fly and needless to say somehow my lead flew in the red foxes direction!!!! Well,
no turkey but a turkey eater is dead and caped. Good weekend, first time for me to call a varmint.
Didn't hear anymore birds rest of weekend. Anyhow hope everyone enjoyed my weekend report.