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Texas Turkey Hunt

Just a warning NEVER buy a turkey hunt with TEXAS LTD HUNTING!!!! A good friend of mine and my son went to texas with me on a hunt this week. We were told that we would hear more turkeys in a morning hunt than we would hear all season here. I was also told my 12 yr old son could shoot as many hogs as i was willing to clean. We got there on the 25th and was told hunting was great my friend was even talked into paying another 500 bucks for the right to kill 4 turkeys. the morning of the hunt we were told that we could not move from the deerstand/blind we were put in. they had one hole in the front to shoot through with a feeder about 25yrds out the window. I told him that wasnt turkey hunting to me and i didnt feel right sitting on a feeer waiting on a turkey. Long story short we were never turned lose to hunt, we were put in deerstands or up against a pallet tied to a bush or fence next to a feeder every hunt. the BLINDS were full of peanuts candy wrappers water bottles and shotgun shells. The only upside was that he couldn't watch us both at the same time. I moved 250yrds from his blind and killed a bird 10in beard 24lbs. Chris moved that evening on a bird about 400yrds from his blind and killed a bird 10in beard 22lbs. The man was so sure that we didnt kill those turkeys from the blinds he put us in that he put us in the middle of a cow pasture the next morning with about 60 cows. All together in 3 days of hunting we as a group heard 9 different Gobblers 7 of which were not on his property the only two turkeys seen were killed and we never even saw a hog TRACK let a lone a hog. For 4000 bucks we got the pickle!!
Trips like that is why I never go on any guided trips the several fishing and hunting guided trips I've been on have all turned out similar to your story.
Texas Turkeys
I'm not at all trying to defend these guys. I also agree that if I'm turkey hunting I do not want to sit on a feeder and wait for turkey's to come in. That's not turkey hunting.

I'm west of Abilene and this year the most turkeys I've seen in a single hunt was 4. 3 hens and 1 gobbler. In fact it was the ONLY hunt I saw turkeys.

Last year I would see on average 20-30 turkeys a day including 3-4 nice gobblers a day. The drout really hit us hard. I was told by a biologist our fawn survival rates last year was less than 7%. 4 of us have cameras out and 1 got a single picture of a fawn last year.

I'm feeding corn, milo, wheat, and soybeans at my feeder. I have two hens and a single gobbler that come in nearly everyday, that is it. I refuse to go sit at the feeder and wait for him to come in. I just decided I'm going to give them a pass this year and hope next year is better.
texas hunting
I understand that the drought and the early spring and turkey hunting in general is at best unpredictable. The issue I had with this hunt was the fact that we were told all the way up to the morning of the hunt that the birds were there and on fire. Then when we saw that wasn't the case and we wanted to hunt different than he wanted we were almost intentionally put in obvious bad spots. I had a 12 year old with me that would have been happy with any thing a hog,turkey, or coyote, all of which we were told we would have a chance at. If he would have been straight with us up front that the turkeys were not there or were very scattered and at least let us move 100yrds off his feeders I wouldn't have any problem. I mean nobody can predict 100% sucess like he advertised. We were in Albany Texas and I understand the drought was tough on everything, I wish he would have been upfront with us.