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Just bagged 10 lbs fresh garfish. I have fried them before and have made gar-patties but prefer catfish. Bought a smoker and would like to try and smoke the gar. I have been looking on the net for some recipes but have had no luck. If anyone knows how to smoke garfish or knows where I can get this information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
here's a couple
I personally like it pot roasted or BBQ'd. I stuff a roast and brown it on the stove and let cook a couple of hours, then put over rice.

Smoked Gar is GREAT!
They are delicious smoked.........something like beef jerk, except better.

A few friends and I caught a 40 lb one several years ago in Lake Ponchartrain. We cleaned it and made about 250 'gar balls' or patties. Fried for breakfast with grits and eggs is GREAT!