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Breton sound

Went out of Breton sound this morning. Took my wife out to try and get on some trout. I've been reading the great reports on limiting out so....arrived around 615 am and headed towards Lena lagoon. No fish. Went back to rock wall and caught 1 16' trout. Headed up to bayou st. Malo and picked up 2 more trout and 2 sheep head. All caught on popping corks. Can any fellow fisherman help me out? What am I doing wrong? Tips and advice is very very appreciated!
Keep trying
I don't fish the area that you're talking about so I can't give much advice for that region. I can tell you that the beaches are on fire right now in Fourchon and Grand Isle. Pretty easy fishing. Don't have to ride far by boat. Just be on the water for sunrise as the bite only lasts a couple hours until the evening when the tide changes up. The fish are close in to the beach. And you don't need live bait either I've made 2 trips over the last 2 weeks and done well both times. All on artificial.
Why so close?
Why did you fish so close to the marina?

Captain Devin
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Swamp stallion
I don't venture far out bc I don't have the proper equipment. Gps, big bay boat Or anything of that nature. Just a 15 ft flat boat. I used to go down there years ago with my dad when I was a kid. I'm trying to get back in the game. I love saltwater fishing waaay more than fresh
trout not close in summer
In Hopedale, you have to go east for the trout from May-August, generally at least Machias, the Rocks/Gardner Island, or Eloi Bay. That's where the keeper trout are spawning, which goes on 4-day cycles from May-August. You could fish there in a small boat if the winds are down, but its a long, slow haul. By late June, the trout are often even further out in the Sound, just too far.

Often I get tired of that grind (and blowing all the money on gas), and I fish close as well. Sometimes nice trout move into Two Trees, Coquille or Robin between spawns. I'll try for them briefly, fishing the mouth of deep bayous with live shrimp, but if the bite isn't there I don't waste time on them. There are plenty of reds, drum, flounder, and sheephead to catch, target those instead. Fish points and islands with currents and shell banks.

By September, the trout will be in St. Malo after the spawn.

The other summer alternative with a small boat is to launch where the trout are already spawning: Grand Isle.