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Mandeville Pier

Does anyone know how the bite is at Sunset Point fishing pier? I am bringing my son out tonight.
check your e mail.
I am wondering the same thing. I live so close and been wanting to give it a try. I did okay a couple years ago in the early mornings before work. Would be nice to bring my girls out there to get a couple.
Mandeville or new Slidell pier
Good question. I am planning to take my son (5) in the morning. Does anyone have an opinion on which pier would produce better and be more kid friendly? I know the new Slidell pier has a bathroom. This is good when taking a 5 year old.
slidell for sure. the depth at the far end of the sunset point pier is maybe 3 ft at high tide.
SSP is okay for fishing at night as its lit up like daylight.
no fish
Fished at the Mandeville pier from about 3:30-7. It is a nice facility, very clean. There were nice families fishing the pier. Only problem...the only thing I saw anyone catch were small croakers and on ray.

That is just part of it, but i wonder how much this pier really does produce.

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