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06/14/2012 Lake Pontchartrain Report

Today I fished with the one and only Doctor Bob Weiss and long time Venice captain Dick Welch. That's MANY MANY year's of fishing experience on the boat and I was eager to pick their brains!

We fished some reefs on the northshore in the lake using live Rigolets shrimp and of coarse my Rucker rigged h&h tko shrimp. Today I give the edge to the live shrimp but I still held my own with my plastic!

We met up at the launch at around 6:30 a.m. and I was back at home in River Ridge by 13:00 p.m.

We caught a ton of fish and the large bow fish box was full of beautiful trout, reds, and drum!

Great morning of fishing with GREAT company. These old timers can sure fish!
Nice Catch!
Nice catch John. Do u think it's worth trying live shrimp
On the causeway? I'm on the southshore, don't mind running 12 miles out if I have to.
A guy we have been seeing at the launch said he has been catching some beautiful trout on the causeway around the 8 mile hump from the northshore using live bait.

If you do happen to go let me know how you do bro
I've seen Dr. Bob fish that reef a couple of different times. I'm surprised there are any fish left there. He and his crew are always raking them in over the sides.
hey john where did you go to fishin school at i want to try tha place been fishin forty someyears never catch like you you can even stop on side of the road start a school
no fishing school here just time spent on the water. i just love to fish and spend plenty of time doing it!

i wanna become a guide in the near future and teach everyone that wants to learn