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What happened to my post ??

I wonder what happened to my post about the STUPID BOATERS? I guess a post about a bunch of idiots running wide open by you when you are fishing is not as important as somebody posting a picture of his fish he caught>>>>>>>>>>> Its funny how certain post just get deleted.
Stupid Boater Post
Well old buddy, I went back a couple of pages and didn't see it so I guess they deleted it. what do you mean about it being locked? Were they not letting anyone comment on it anymore? I should have kept up with it more to see what kind of responses it was getting!
'aw-wwwwwwwwwwwwww'? drew-b, could you please, tell us, what do you mean about certain posters acting 'dum'??? can you educate all of us and give more specific details and examples, of your accusations??? we really would appreciate it very much, so we can be as 'knowlegeable' as you!!! if you have to name, names, that's ok, even if it's the old farts and loons, because, they sure do deserve it!!!! thanks so much for your input and intelligence!!!
this sure sounds like a cop-out comment to me and probably everyone on this site!!! you just don't know, how to justify your comment, hum-mmmm!! i'm not a doctor, but seems like, the old foot in the mouth disease, i guess!!! by the way, it's jack daniels-black label!!!
Own forum
Yall should have yalls own forum ... You got inshore fishing , offshore fishing , bass fishing and we can have abeastandasavageandadrewb !!!!
can you please name the couple of creeps you are talking about??? why don't you want to answer my comment??? i am glad, i think, you will not vote for obama, sounds like anyway???
there you go drew-b??
you still can't comment your way out of this yet!!! quit beating around the bush, like u told me!! answer my question, it's simple enuf, so you can even understand, i think!!! ADMIRAL, could you please explain this, to mr. drew-b????
Yes sick.
Consider this a warning. There are many guys who used to post on this site and wouldn't follow the fair and simple rules. We surely don't miss them. (hint)

You two's personal beefs will not be tolerated. If you have nothing produtive or relevant to add to a thread, then don't.

We certainly want you both to remain participants on the site, but cannot tolerate the constant childish beefs between you two.

No more excuses, no more explanations and most importantly, no more warnings!
Well I didn't keep up with my 1st post, but at least now I have a good idea why it got deleted!!
Drop it
Man, just drop it!
I do it all the time. Mostly on accident, but lets be honest if your fishing in the main boating lanes or hidden were people cant see you... you should expect to catch a wake or 2. I know I do. But then again I am not in a john boat so its not really a big deal.
This may help
Didnt read your original post but I have a feeling this may help you out.

I sent LDWF a message recently because I have dealt with many boats completely disregarding any safety or respect towards being on the water.

Thanks for your concerns on the water as you can never be too safe. You will need to contact your local regional enforcement office from the link below and then talk to an agent to report the problem. We would need to know the time and place where these boaters are not abiding by wake zone rules so that we could set up a patrol for the best time possible.
Stupid Boaters
Huntard, the original post was about fishing in Henderson and Rahma and the idiots who blow by you and never slow up when they pass you. The situations I am talking about is when they can see you a mile away and still dont slow down. I dont fish from a john boat, I have a Triton, but the point here is comon courtesy. It takes an idiot to blow by you at the length of a cast and not slow down.
Not a Fishing report
This is the fishing reports section, not the complaints and opinions section. Look under general under the reports tab and post this kind of comment and opinion there.
Sometimes there are times and places where people should slow down as to not throw a wake while someones fishing however there are many times where if you just keep rolling youll throw less of a wake then if you stopped!! I think the ones complaining are the same ones doin 70and under in the fast lane on the hwy!!!!
I kayak fish a lot and in almost all instances, I would rather have someone blow by me on plane rather than trying to slow down. They will usually throw a much smaller wake on plane. If they try to slow down, one of two things usually happens.

1. They slow down too late and send a huge wake as the boat settles in the water.

2. They slow down, but think no-wake means 1/4 throttle, bow up, pushing a huge wake when they think they are going slow.

In no wake areas, it means just that. The throttle should be at minimum, just before where it will be out of gear. I'm amazed at the folks that can't wait that extra minute or two before they have to throttle up. Some comes from disrespect, some comes from plain old lack of common sense.

If you think wakes are a problem in a powerboat, try 'yakin around the idiots.
These couillions are the powers that be offspring boating like ijiots, its a family trait.
My 2 cents
I fish out of a 16.5 Alumacraft and it moves a lot in wind and wakes. The last time I was in Pigeon, I almost got seasick because of all the traffic. But I was in the main channel, so I moved.
Personally, I'd rather you blow by if you have the room and I usually wave boaters by.
If I see you in time (not hidden), I start slowing early so there won't be any wakes. Sometimes I get waved on and I respect those wishes. I like idling by because my 4 stroke is so quiet, I get a chance to chat and find out what's working, etc. And to wish them luck as well. It doesn't hurt to be friendly.
As with everything, you'll find a few knuckle-draggers who think the canal belongs to them only. That's what those boats with the blue lights are for. There's just not enough of them to go around. I don't break the laws (intentionally), so I welcome seeing them.
I go for the enjoyment, not for the fish. I don't even like eating fish too much but it is fun catching them. My 26 year old son is still amazed at some of the sights we see and we have FUN. That makes it worth every dime I spend on gas.