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lake p help

Me and a couple buddies are planning a trip to lake p saturday morning. Planning on hitting the hospital wall, the twinspans, and the tressles. We have been a number of times this year with little to no luck. Just looking for some advice and/or tips that could get us over that hump and actually put a few decent fish in the boat. Any kind of techniques, bait types, or anything like that to kinda point us in the right direction. Thanks in advance for the help.
Live bait is your best chance to catch fish right now. Launch at dockside, talk to the guys there, and buy some shrimp. They'll point you in the right direction and you guys should catch fish. If nothing else, the drum are stacked deep at the twin span right now. Don't waste your live shrimp on them though. Buy a pound of dead shrimp and tip plastics with little pieces. Or just carolina rig dead shrimp.
I agree with BlueMoons
Right now your tides are looking good with incoming tides for the majority of the day. The trestles seem to be slowing down and not much besides school trout. Check out for more detailed reports on the lake. There's a reef out of the Tchefuncta that's been doing pretty good. We hit the hospital wall last Saturday and didn't do much good. There was so much wind that there was no clean water anywhere. If you're new to the game, I would suggest using a slip cork instead of carolina rig as it's more visual than having to learn what a lake p trout bite feels like (very subtle). The twin spans and black drum would be a LOT of fun. and they are really good to eat.
Thanks for the info fellas. Any tight line is better than no tight lines. I dont care whats on the end. Might have to find the drum out there tastes just like a red to me. The boat is a 21ft deep-v so were hopefully good. I am familiar with the lake but just never do any good. Seems like every time i hear the trout are slammin I bring bad luck with me and just cant figure them out. I am mostly a freshwater bass guy in the tchefuncta and out by lock one but we decided to try something a little different this weekend. Thanks again guys.

P.S. If the live shrimp arent available would it be worth it to grab live pogeys or just stick to the dead shrimp?
Never heard of the website but cool stuff man. Thanks
Twin span = Drum
If all else fails
the twin span is absolutely full of drum right now.

Simply go just south of the hump and fish live shrimp carolina rigged on the bottom is limits everyday. Just move a few sets of pilings till you find the mother load. It is the most consistent thing we have ever seen out here.

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