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Something we set up today- 338 lapua magnum with a nightforce scope

We get a lot of rifles here at the shop, and I'm going to start sharing each and every one here and tell you guys about it and what we used.

a little back ground to this rifle, a customer came in with this customer 338 laupa, he wanted a set up he could use to shoot long range.

we started out by deciding on a mounting system. We went with a picatinny rail with 20 moa built in for a few reasons, it provides a very stable and robust platform, it provides an additional 20 moa of elevation adjustment that comes in handy when shooting long range, and lastly it has an extra feature to help it withstand recoil of such a heavy round.

Nightforce Remington 700 Long Action 20 Moa Picatinny Rail

because of the contour of the barrel, we were able to go with some rings that have a 1 inch optical centerline. we went with the nightforce medium ultra light rings, these rings are made with anodized aluminum with titanium in the connection system, so they are more consistent, lighter, and stronger than their steel counterparts, and with the medium height, it really looked good on the gun and was close to the barrel and was comfortable for the customer

the last and most important part of the puzzle is the scope. we mounted up a nightforce 5.5-22x56 scope with high speed turrets, zero stop, and the new moar reticle. I could go on for hours about the different features, but I'll keep it short, the scope has lots of adjustment for longer range short, the zero stop lets you get back to your zero easily. the 56mm objective give you great light tranmission and really doesn't effect the mounting height as much as you would think. The moar reticle is thin enough to really use the capability of the rifle, but at the same time it's easy to see, and should you choose to your the reticle to calculate distance or wind hold, it's easy to do as well without being too cluttered.

the customer is very happy with this package and accurately hit targets out to 1500 yards with this set up. the finished product is pictured below. if anyone ever needs help with anything optic related, give us a call or come swing by our shop in Hammond
Beautiful setup...
Thats a nice rig. I like this report. Not trying to push a product and gave a little background on a nice setup. My only question is where can a fella go to shoot out that far? I have some setups Id like to reach out with and really get into the longer range stuff but really about all I can find is a 300 yd range.

glad you like it
I'm going to do a post about once a week, maybe more if more people come in our shop. you do have to travel to shoot distance around here unfortunately, but i'll look up some ranges near by and post that in my next post as well.