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Timbalier Bay Trout

Me and 2 others headed to T-Bay this morning. Fished the south islands and came back for noon with 60 trout.
Sounds Good
You talking about Cassa Tete island? The big one. Any particular side of the island and what type of bait? I'm headed that way Monday.

yep used electric chicken tight lined. beat the heat get there early!
we fished to
we where there sat and sun but did not do as good as you did.But it was my first time there by myself in my fish master.Ended up with 25 fished with my son.We where at the small island someone was doing real good with small jerck bait which i did not have but do now!! I need to learn alot more about that spot but i live five hours away.Hard to get away and make did trip down from north la

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