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Surgeon Rifle chambered in 6x47 Lapua with a Nightforce scope

A customer recently came in our store wanting to set up his custom Surgeon Rifle cambered in 6x47 Lapua. He wanted something that could be used for long range shooting and hunting.

Mounting was made easy thanks to Surgeon for machining a rail directly to the action. With 20 MOA built into the rail it allows the shooter to engage targets at those super long ranges.

We ended up outfitting this weapon with Nightforce Ultralight rings with a 1.125' optical center line (High). Due to the rail being permanently attached to the firearm it sat lower than a traditional aftermarket rail. Because of this we had to go with the high 1.125' optical center line rings rather than the medium 1'. These rings are made with anodized aluminum with titanium in the connection system, so they are more consistent, lighter, and stronger than their steel counterparts. The rings looked awesome on the gun and the height of the rings enable the customer to obtain proper cheek position and eye relief.

Due to the customer's multiple applications for his weapon, we decided to go with the Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 Zerostop with the NP-R2 reticle. The scope has lots of adjustment for longer range short, the zero stop lets you get back to your zero easily. the 56mm objective give you great light tranmission and really doesn't effect the mounting height as much as you would think. The NP-R2 reticle is multipurpose MOA spaced reticle. It is thin enough to engage targets at extremely long range and with the illumination turned on, the reticle can be used for low light hunting.

The customer is very happy with this package. the finished product is pictured below. if anyone ever needs help with anything optic related, give us a call or come swing by our shop in Hammond