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Looking for recipes to make different types of boudin and sausage. Thinking of using duck, goose and rabbit. Anyone try something different than the standard deer, pork or wild hog sausages? Chicken boudin?
There Seasoning Co. my Dads buys all he seasoning for his Pan Sausage,Link&Boudin Its Out of New Orleans we just ground what we gona use and use there seasoning there Cajun&Italian you can add Green Onions to it Or Jalopeno Peppers&Cheddar Cheese Makes AWESOME DEER SAUSAGE
sausage / boudin
Check out for all types of ideas on sausage.
a few years back i hunted up in Arkansas for the conservation goose hunt. we had 3 people and came out with 140 snows and blues. I had 40lbs of deboned goose breast, mix 50/50 with pork and had 80lbs of the best sausage i ever had. Also one year had a bunch of rabbits and made some very good sausage also. have also done pouldo sausage with was excellent. good luck just about any wild game will make good sausage if it is done right.
Making Boudin:
There are millions of varying recipes out there - you can add or modify as you wish to the taste you are looking for with whatever meat you want to make it out of.
Heres a simple starter:

And another:

Then there is the Boudin Link: