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Black Fin Tuna


I just recently went off shore fishing out of FreePort Texas. We caught approximately 300lbs of Black Fin Tuna.

Have any of you ever cooked any of Tuna and if so would like to share a recipe?

I was kind of thinking of grilling some but not real sure how that would turn out.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dont know what happened with all the gebbeerous in text body.
I dont know how all those words got jumbled in my previous comment.

I was just wondering if any of you may have any recipes that would like to share on cooking black fin tuna.

Thank you.
Try grilling it on the BBQ pit with your favorite BBQ sauce. It will taste like a pork chop. Try poaching it in ginger ale. Use a small skillet with 1 inch of ginger ale. Poach it in beer and make tuna salad with a mayo base.
Sounds good
Never thought about grilling and adding bbq sauce. I bet that would be good.

I have had a few people tell me to marinate in Italian dressing and then coat with lemon pepper.

I am not a lemon pepper fan myself.
My father was a school teacher and he did the accounting for seafood companies during the summer. We had no money, but access to a lot of fish that were given to my dad. We got so tired of eating fish that we did it to pretend that we had some meat. And it worked! I like Bull's Eye.
Yeah Bulls eye is good.

However, you cant beat the sweet baby rays........

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