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Duck Hunting

Duck Number Soar to record high.--Grays,bluewings,spoonies biggest winners.The report, released in early July estimate total populations grew to 48.6 million a 7 percent over over last year's45.6---Can't Wate,should have a grate year.
Hunting without Hubig's
We've got a real emergency! How are we gonna hunt without a Hubig's lemon or coconut pie!!! I'm already getting the shakes!!
hold the phone
whoa! wait! why wouldnt there be any hubigs pies??????????
hubig's and ducks
Probably cost about $10 a piece if they're not sold out! I'll bet they'll never taste the same. My wife told that I'll finally might be able to loose some weight!
Don't duck hunt anymore but I'm glad for the ones that do. Good luck!
factory burned down
hubig's in nola burned down last night.

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