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New Pond Record

Reply's a record for my pond! Previous record was 9 lbs. even. Son's friend (13 years old) landed this 10 lb. 12 oz. largemouth using a blue/black worm Carolina rigged with a small split shot. (Trick I taught him LOL) He had it weighed at the nearby 'catch-all' convenience score which had a certified scale for selling cold cuts. No doubt, an excited young man who can't wait for the fish to go...and come back...from the taxidermist!
Man, you need to teach that fella how to hold that fish away from his body and closer to the camera. LOL

He probably was worried about letting it get too far away from him! LOL! I'm sure if he could, he would have taken it to bed with him. He'll probably have trouble seeing it leave their freezer to go to the taxidermist!