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Moultrie Game Management System

Has anyone tried out the moultrie game management system cameras, you know the ones that send the pictures back to you? Pros or cons? Im thinking about trying it out just wandering what yall thought about it.
dont waste your money
I am not sure about that brand camera your asking about. However, we use the BUCKEYE Wildlife Cameras. They work great. I hunt and live in Louisiana and work in Houston Tx. How it works is it sends the image to my email. With in 7 minutes i will know if something passed in front of the camera. Camera takes the pic, the pic is sent to the base, then the base sends it to my email address all in 7 minutes. You wouldn't believe at what all you will see, i have caught trespassers being almost 400 miles away. You know how allot of people walk by a camera and say oh no, where caught, lets pull the card out or steel the camera we cant be seen on this other mans hunting property. Well, that doesnt work with the Buckeye system. Once they pass its to late, they can steel it or whatever they want. But the pic is taken and its on its way to me. So whether they know it or not there busted! Here is the link if you would like to check it out,

Good luck hunting this year......
Check for a review. I think they have a few of these type systems on there. I think Spypoint make's one. Moultrie would be a 'last resort'!
Good luck.
These cameras are great for a number of situations and the email feature is something that is better but at a price.

So if you are made of money then it is a no brainer. Get one that emails them to ya!

But other than that they are really a specialty camera that serve the purpose that other camera's just can't.

Already mentioned is the security aspect of them. Catching trespasser and vandals etc is the perfect situation for one of these cameras. Maybe use it all hunting season as a regualar camera and then move it to cover your camp or entrance road when you are away for long periods during the offseason.

I have a friend in Texas that used them for another great purpose. He had hog traps out on a number of properties and some were a couple of hours drive away. Using these cameras he knew if he had any wild hogs in the trap. Saved him driving all the way to check the trap when nothing was in it.