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25-06 Amm0 choice

I am new to the 25-06 family for hunting whitetail in Louisiana. I have been a 30 caliber guy for a long time. However I am making a move to 25-06. I do not have access to reload. I will be using factory ammo. Yes I know i need to shoot various types to find what the gun likes the most.
I need to start somewhere. i am thinking super performance SST and GameKings loaded in Federal Premium.
Please share success and hard hitting rounds as well as wounded animal, nightmare tracking jobs.
I need to start somewhere.
I don't recommend shooting 117gr SST's in it. I used to use them in a .25-06 and was way less than impressed with the results. They were accurate, but they didn't perform very well. None of the deer I shot with it went very far (and I killed a 305 pound pig with it) but the blood trails were scarce at best. Often there was no blood trail at all. The bullets didn't seem to be made well enough to handle the velocity. I lost a doe that I shot at 120 yards because the bullet exited in 3 little pieces and left no blood trail. Didn't find her until 3 days later. Had there been even a single drop of blood I would have put my dog on her and found her. I was convinced that I had missed.

Try one of the federal loads or maybe norma. Be careful as there are varmint loads for the .25-06 everywhere and you don't want to accidentally pick up a box of those. Stay away from core locks as well.
I have shot the 117 grain Gamekings for years, never had any trouble, love them. I have killed pigs and deer with it. Every broadside shot has passed through (except a 200lb pig which went 15 yards). If I shoot through the ribs they go 10-50 yards and bleed everywhere. If I shoot them in the shoulder, they go 2 feet, straight down!
Barnes Triple Shock
If you want the best 'never fail' bullet for the 25-06, get some Federal Premium Vital-Shok Ammunition with the 100 Grain Barnes Triple-Shock X Bullet. I reload for my 25-06 and have used the 100 grain Barnes X bullet for over 20 years. They can't be beat. The one in the picture entered the back of the left rear leg of a 160 lb. buck at 190 yards on a going away shot. It stopped just under the skin at the front of the right front shoulder. It's the only one I've ever recovered. All of the others were complete pass throughs.
25/06 ammo
I have all popular deer calibers and have come to favor my 25/06 the most.Its very accurate and a whole lot more forgiving on my shoulder if ya know what i do reload and use a 115gr nosler BT with RL19 49gr.3.25col.I have killed about 10 deer with it and no problems.Just my .02.
'Corporation Games'
...if things get tighter in 10 or 15 yrs what calibre do you think will be cut ???...sure will not be the old traditionals...think they base it on ammo sales that reflex on what guns are still in circulation not on preference !!!...'ya Grandson might end-up w/a mint condition wall-hanger w/o any memories...cheers
The ole Rabbit is correct. I love the 25-06, and can't for the life of me understand why more people don't shoot it, but it is not one of the 'Mainstream' calibers. There is a chance it will get tough to find loading components in the future. The good news is that I run into more people who shoot the 25-06 every year, so maybe ove time it will become more popular.
Not To Worry
Naw. Old Rabbit has been munching funny grass and mushrooms. Components won't be available after the power grid fails and the nation is in chaos. But it will be the same for all calibers.
TS Issac, the most news media covered, the most miss-predicted, everyone from Texas to Florida wants to get in the act of predicting and being on TV and this is only a tropical storm. With all these people they still can get it right.
here you go
THis is my experience with different bullets and I reload and test them on deer.
First choice-Berger VLD, why because its cheap and it kills imediately---very accurate and you can buy them loaded by HSM, if you reload them get them as close to lans as possible.

Second-Swift Scirroco, why because they are very accurate and tend to kill in the tracks most of the time if not they fall in site. They are pricey and can get them loaded by remington premium.

Third-Barnes TTSX, why because they leave a great blood trail but tend to foul the barrel quick and expensive, usually never kill in tracks unless you hit in the neck or head but always blow clean through and don't damage alot of meat. Federal loads them. I like the TTSX which are tipped triple shock(blue tip) they tend to expand better. My 300 win will usually drop'em with any bullet including this one but when you get below a 30 cal with the barnes your gonna do some tracking but it will be easy because they always leave a heavy blood trail.
BARNES TRIPLE SHOCK 100gr. I use them in all my rifles.They are devestating and they will leave a blood trail, but most of the time you don't need one.
'Puff Goes 'da Magic Dragon'
...once upon a time 10ga 16ga 28ga .38Short 22 Gallery Shorts and about 9 or 10 others went with the last 20 yrs...just can't find them anymore...they have a way of two un-seen tricks to up prices by taking turns every few years on less production on ammo then on guns, then back to ammo...the DuPonts were always tight w/Washington !!! was rumored a deal was made in WW 1 between the 45 Luger and 9mm Colt...nobody wanted over-runs ???...cheers
make it easy
Look, make it easy on yourself choose a bonded bullet either from hornady, federal, or winchester and you will be fine. Lots of people shoot one thing and never experience any other types.