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Roaring Bear Pic & Hog stalk on preseason public scout trip

Didnít bother fishing with the wind this weekend. Made a trip to three rivers to set trail cameras and scout. I was seeing plenty of good sign and fresh deer tracks. Sure enough while standing at one of my favorite spots I ground hunt from I heard a big creature in the tangle. This was the same spot I doubled up on two years ago when I killed a doe a quarter mile away. Then stalked and grunted up a 4 pointer an hour later with my Mathews. I was standing directly where I shot him, reliving the moment of one of my favorite hunts, and planning where Iíll set my ground blind with the summer growth for October when I heard the hogs. I turned on my video and proceeded to stalk getting in bow range. I was looking at another hog in the thickness when I saw this one, but couldn't get good footage with all the bushes. Still itís enough to excite me for bow season. Walking out I walked up on a rabbit to ten yards in a clearing. My girl wanted to come for the trip too. While I was setting cameras she went on her weekly long run getting in over 8 miles. I dropped her off at the end of the road by the Red River and took off with my vehicle, jokingly saying good luck finding me! She was going to go scouting for doves while running but the trail I like was overgrown so Iíll check it out next time. Then she read a book while waiting for me to finish in the woods. It surely beat driving up there alone like I used to. We saw a family of baby coons and one deer, a doe. Also, when leaving, a giant pack of hogs was in the campground next to the road. The whole heard of around 30 took off just a few yards from the vehicle. It was quite the site. I hopped out the vehicle, kicked off the crocs and started running after them through the campground like a pitbull on the chaseÖoh the things I consider fun! Laura was upset she couldn't hunt them yet.

I told my buddy not to bother with saltwater with the wind, but he went anyways yesterday only catching 3 sailcats and a few undersized specks. I hope the storm isnít too bad so I can go fishing for the coming holiday.
Youth weekend
Orion , I took my lil boy to three rivers last years youth weekend . Hog sign everywhere , just couldn't get on any . We brought climbers but figured it would be easier to just walk up on a herd and let him shoot one or two . We had the whole WMA to ourselves , we did see a couple bow hunters that I don't think were suppose to be in there . We walked quietly through the woods with no luck , then slowed it down to a crawl , still nothing . We ended up seeing one ole sow that we jumped on the way out and she was hauling butt . I don't know if it had anything to do with it but we also saw a few bear tracks . Neat , the first ones I have ever seen . Come to find out the LDWF released 4 or 5 bears some years back .

But anyway we saw one sow no deer and a few bear tracts . Hopefully it'll be better for him this year . Nice pics !
bear pics
Choupic-man they got more bears now, here's pics of a baby cub and a big momma standing on her back legs. She heard the camera click. I tried to brighten it since its hard to see. I wouldn't want to walk up on that momma. And here's another bear i got a pic of.

The hogs are everywhere over there but the deer are tougher to find. Still in many of the same areas as I see deer and hogs on the same hunt. Really they have no choice with the amount of hogs. I shoot the majority of my hogs from the ground. Ground blinding is great because if they pass out of range you can go after them. I have the most success stalking when the leaves are crunchy and I walk along a creek or ditch where I can stay quiet in the damp leaves or water. This way I hear them first. Its much tougher to spot them than hear those noisy pigs. If no water is around i'll walk until I see thick sign and step when the wind blows. If the wind is in your favor the hogs rarely run far after being jumped but then they'll be skittish if you make another move. That's when i wait them out. Within 20 minutes they'll quit hiding and start feeding again, thats when i make my move. If i'd gun hunt them more often i'd have dozens a year.
Pigs n deer
Yeah they have lots of hogs ... It seems the hogs are taking over ! The amount of big deer taken off three rivers has dropped big time over the last 7 or 8 yrs . I don't really mind the hogs , I prefer the meat over a deer , but miss the amount of deer that use to be there . Some friends and me used to go every year for thanksgiving and someone in our group would always kill a monster . I never killed a monster but killed several nice bucks and does . Years ago we never saw any hogs , they were basically nonexistent .

We'll keep at it though ... I've hunted red river also and even pomp de terre . That place is loaded down with hogs too !

That would be really cool to see some bears , just not when I'm coming out the woods in the evening! Lol I think the ones they released all had collars and didn't see any on the bear in your pics . They must be living good off the hogs and multiplying huh ...
bears & few deer
Yes I think the bears are doing ok as long as people don't kill them by accident since there are so few. I see them a few times a year and its the coolest. Even had one eat a chunk out of my doe i bow killed then buried her under leaves 3 years ago. Then i walked up on the bear who was standing on her. Posted it on here a while back. That was a crazy day and i'll never go in the woods without a camera again.

Yeah the hogs are thick in red river but i think 3 rivers is the worst from the areas i hunt. The deer sign was crazy at 3 rivers 7-8 years ago when i first started hunting deer but i didn't know a darn thing about deer hunting. I've been seeing a lot less sign. No monsters from 3 rivers for me either. I jumped a few nice ones through the years. Two years ago on Thanksgiving was my only chance at a nice one, I looked at my camera when getting to my tree and the big eleven pointer i was after had just past minutes before in the dark. I started stalking toward his bedding area with grunting and got him to grunt back. After his 3rd set up grunts back to me he stopped. Nothing for 30 minutes so i started creeping toward him but unfortunately big boy was creeping towards me and I was busted at 30yds without a clean shot. If only i would've waited. Next day someone killed him on the 3 day gun season which i decided to bow hunt :( Maybe this will be my year over there.
Since we've been going I don't think we've killed any deer that were on a natural day to day routine . Every single one has been pushed on us by people . Ive seen green hunters kill some monsters like this , i just havnt been that lucky ! So except for youth weekend or bow season , scouting is useless to me . The areas we've always hunted is getting kind of dried out though , not seeing the deer we used to . So .. Thinking of moving our hunting territory .

We've been in and around the whole three rivers but only really hunted one area . I was thinking of pulling my boat up there and trying to get in behind some of the people . The pic you have of your girlfriend starting her jog is by the second locks ? I think .. It normally has a lot of vehicles parked right there . But was wondering if there is a place to put in somewhere by the camp grounds . I have an old raggedy skiff so it doesn't have to be an actual launch , just a nice low spot will work . If not I'll find somewhere the next time I'm up there .
Pic from this summer
Red River Hog Pic. The launch in the river is the red river one all the way at the end of the main rock road. Its good but pretty steep so i wouldn't use it without a 4x4. Having a boat will help get away from the people. All along that river channel has really thick area where the deer are and with a boat you can hunt the other side which i've been wanting to try. Some of my buddies tried launching there and went north along the red river and saw good sign but they did see people on doe days. I just walk far and get in the thickest stuff around and never see people. When i try to hide from the other hunters i run into the animals trying to do the same thing!
I was on red river a few years ago, and had a trail cam strapped to my front rack on my 4wheeler. It had been there for a few months when i took it down from our private land. a warden saw me and told me it was illegal to put out game cameras on WMA's.

Is this incorrect or just something nobody worries about? i never even considered putting out a camera on the wma since i figured it would be stolen pretty quickly.
To choupic
That rmp his girlfriend is on is only near the water when it's at flood stage. There is a good usable ramp at the first camping area on the red river levee by the locks. Also, there s a good ramp to use on three rivers, but I've talked to several guys that had equipment stolen and vandalism at that ramp
I've been looking at aerial photos of whole area and I'm going to have to look at the WMA maps to make sure we will be hunting on the right lands . There are smaller sections of woods all up and down the river that are pretty far off from the nearest roads and grassy lake is just across the river . I'll make sure it's not posted before we hunt it . We'll go up youth weekend before the rifle hunts and take a look around . Hunting out of a boat is a lot easier than a 4 wheeler in my opinion , as long as the drags aren't that for . Thanks for the info .
Not illegal
I know many of the nwr's have rules against cameras, but not on any of the wma's. I read the hunting regulations every year. Yes, some gear can get stolen, but i go far in the woods where most people don't go. With a cable lock most people will leave your gear alone. I just get cheap $77 primos cameras and cheap $80 climbers which i take down then lock to a tree after hunting. I wish more people were honest and wouldn't mess with other's stuff, but they always have a few bad apples out there. I've had several cameras stolen, but checking cameras is my favorite thing in the world to do, so if they ever make cameras illegal i'll probably get in a lease. Unfortunately bayou cocodrie finally banned cameras this year. Sorry that game warden told you that, but maybe each wma has its own rules. I've never had any issues when the wardens check me.