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The official Isaac thread

So I've spent the day watching the development of Tropical Storm (soon to be Hurricane) Isaac, and it looks like it's focusing down on Southeast Louisiana, with Venice and Grand Isle being the first to take a pounding.

LDWF has closed down coastal wildlife management areas, and Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines and St. Charles parishes are under declarations of emergencies.

It's a shame to see yet another storm bearing down on the coast we love, and the estimated 6- to 12-foot storm surge is almost certainly going to eat away more of the marshes and barrier islands that have suffered so much damage over the past few years.

We'll be covering the impacts of the storm after it passes, but we need your help. You can help evaluate damage from the storm by posting your observations on this thread.

I will continue posting observations as long as I have power and Internet access: Unfortunately, my Prairieville home looks to be in the direct path of the storm, so it's uncertain if I will have Internet access past tomorrow.

But we'll be in action as we can, and look forward to hearing from you. So just log on and comment in this thread to help expand our understanding of what Isaac will mean for our coast and fisheries.
Back in action
OK, guys, our office is still shut down because the power is out, but Internet access has been restored at my Prairieville home. So I'll be collecting information and sharing it on the front page and here on the forum.

So be on the lookout, and be sure to add any photos and vids to the forum - or email them to me at
Tropical weather links
I think Weather Underground ( has just a wealth of information, including tracks and computer models of the path Isaac is projected to take.

Also, be sure and check out the thread ( started by our online columnist Josh Chauvin (aka Orion13), which also contains weather links that could be helpful.
Office of Emergency Preparedness
You can go to and find a bunch of information from state officials, along with reports from parishes affected by the storm.
Taking it seriously
We on the Louisiana coast have a hard time getting worked up over a tropical storm. We've weathered so many that we generally tend to shrug our shoulders, set our jaws and hunker down with family to wait out the latest blow.

But 2008's Gustav apparently has been on the mind of many in the Baton Rouge area. Stores in the greater BR metropolis have been crowded with folks stocking up for the next few days.

Bread? Forget it. Water? If you're lucky enough to get there when a few pallets are put out. And getting fuel is a test of patience, as every container available is filled to power generators during inevitable power outages.

We're not panicked, but Gustav and Katrina before it taught us caution. And that's a good thing.

If a lesson came out of Katrina, it's that we have to be prepared to take care of ourselves. Yes, the federal government — and state officials, to some degree — will jump into action as the storm abates, but if we don't prepare then we have no one but ourselves to blame.

So as Isaac stalls just off the coast and starts to ramp up in intensity, I'm heading out once again to forage for bread (we have tortillas, but they don't provide very robust sandwiches). I expect others are doing the same.

We at Louisiana Sportsman hope you and your family are well stocked and prepared for the impending storm. And we look forward to hearing from you as what looks to be a big rain event moves over the coast.

Be safe.
New development
Corps of Engineers to close Inner Harbor Navigation Canal-Lake Borgne Surge Barrier barge gate for the first time for storm event

What: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will close Inner Harbor Navigation Canal-Lake Borgne Surge Barrier (IHNC) barge gate for the first time during a storm event due to the possibility of Tropical Storm Isaac making landfall in southeast Louisiana. This will be the third and final gate to close. Once the gate is closed, navigation on the GIWW will be unable to pass from one side of the Surge Barrier to the other.

The IHNC Surge Barrier is a major feature of the Hurricane & Storm Damage Risk Reduction System that will reduce the risk associated with a storm surge that has a one percent chance of occurring in any given year, or a 100-year storm surge, for some of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina, including New Orleans East, metro New Orleans, Gentilly, the Ninth Ward and St. Bernard Parish. The total construction value for the IHNC-Lake Borgne Surge Barrier is an estimated $1.1 billion. The 1.8-mile-long Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC)-Lake Borgne Surge Barrier, works in tandem with the Seabrook Floodgate Complex.

When: 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, August 28, 2012.
Seabrook closes
Corps of Engineers closes Seabrook Floodgate Complex for the first time for storm event

NEW ORLEANS, LA – On Tuesday, August 28th, at 1:30PM, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers closed the Seabrook Floodgate Complex for the first time due to a storm event. Following operating procedures for closing key structures of the Greater New Orleans Hurricane Storm Damage and Risk Reduction System, the closure of gates at Seabrook follows the closing of gates at the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal and Bayou Bienvenue earlier today.

The Seabrook Floodgate Complex is located at the north end of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC; also known locally as the Industrial Canal) just south of Lake Pontchartrain and the Senator Ted Hickey Bridge. This structure works in tandem with the IHNC-Lake Borgne Surge Barrier to reduce the risk associated with a storm surge that has a one percent chance of occurring in any given year, or a 100-year storm surge, for some of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina, including New Orleans East, metro New Orleans, Gentilly, the Ninth Ward and St. Bernard Parish. The total construction value for the Seabrook Floodgate Complex is an estimated $165 million.
Shell Beach water levels
Water levels at Shell Beach have skyrocketed today, so Hurricane Isaac is definitely impacting the area. Check out the water levels:
another big surge
USGS gauge shows 11 ft surge at Bay Gardene and still rising, probably not peaking for a few more hours. NOAA gauge at Shell Beach is 9.5 ft and rising. The marinas......and all St. Bernard outside the levees...are going to get hammered again.
Overtopping of Buras levee
Wow. Water is overtopping the levee at Buras according to Billy Nungesser.
Looks like Grand Isle is ground zero
The lead eye wall looks to be passing over Grand Isle, at least according to the radar. Check it out:
4 am and the eye is still around the grand Isle area. reports of the island being 100% under water.
Isaac center now forecasted to reach the B.R. area
sometime around 1 am Thursday morning.
This storm has almost come to a stop and is being held in place by a small high pressure ridge in north Louisiana.
Please keep our friends and family down in southeast La. in your prayers as this storm is just sitting on top of them.
Andy, im in iberia parish and it looks like the storm is moving more towards us every minute. we are having 35 to 40mph gusts. Looks like no one knows what this thing is going to do. It has changed over and over,this is one to not take likely. God bless all,keep safe.
good and bad
Some bad news. A levee was overtopped below new orleans. I believe it was basically across the Mississippi River from Belle Chase. Residential houses inundated with many feet of water.

The hurricane is now dropped from 80 to 75 mph maximum sustained winds as of the 900 am report. The pressure has been moving upwards slowly for the past few hours. From 968 to 969 mb and now a bigger jump to 975mb! Rising pressure is a good thing.

Houma is getting pounded right now! And Grand Isle took a direct hit as well.

Water to the east of the Mississippi River has started to drop on many of the gauges. Some showed spikes of 8 or more feet or so.

The Mississippi River was near record lows and the river jumped 8 feet here in Baton Rouge gauge but has now started to fall.
Flooding is in Braithwaite/Scarsdale area. The back levee was breeched/overtopped. Significant flooding fro Belle Chaase ferry up to the flood gate at Caernarvon. Hear up to 12'.

Wind has turned to the east and that should bring
in even more water

So far most of St Bernard that is inside the protection levee is OK. Outside the levees, Delacroix, Hopedale, Shell Beach received lots of flooding
bouy link
Mike / Chris , do you'll have a link to bouys in the Lake , I can only access one at Pivines and it was 4.5 over norm at daylight , I would like to see the Rigolets , the link I used is out of date -----------------------I heard at daylight there was 10-12 ft of water in the marina at 'la hache , can't seems to talk to anyone from Hopedale but would think it would be about the same

Some of the charts are at locations that stopped working due to the storm. So take notice of that when you look at the gauge heights so that you don't mistake the chart as showing current information if the site go knocked out last night or earlier.
Heres a pic from my friends house in Scarsdale. This pic is from the second floor balcony. His wife and kids were gone but he's there with his inlaws and a zoo full of pets. They're staying put right now because it's safer than getting in a boat due to conditions.
Feel so sorry for them and praying. Will be very difficult to handle going through this all again
Thanks , for the link --------------- Seen I-10 closed in Laplace from water , texted the InLaws and they got water coming in the house fast in Laplace , about 1 mile from Airline and Old 51
G.I. update
Mayor Carmadele is on channel 9 right now . Says that there was / is 4 - 6 feet of water over the whole island. Damage seen ,so far is limited to roofs and low lying structures. said that there are some camps that have had the weather heads ripped from them.
they have only been able to access the center part of the island . Also , he said that so far the burrito levee has held. so far there seems to be 100 ' of beach erossin but that no where they have been able to reach has it eroded back to the levee.
Please forgive me for being selfish and insensitive but what are y'alls opinion on the Spillway and Lake Verret? Will this cause another massive fish kill? I really hate to sound like all I'm worried about is my fishing success but I can't help it. That area was just coming back from Katrina/Gustav and would HATE to see us go back to square one.
good question
JB, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe trying to rationalize my hopes, but I was wondering if maybe since the water was already pretty low, there will not be a lot of oxygen deprived water coming out of the swamps into the canals/bayous killing fish. However, maybe water got pushed up into the swamps where leaves etc fall and begin to decay and pull out the oxygen and then the water falls out into the bayous. I guess in about a week we'll know. As far as Venice, I don't know what to expect there but maybe someone who has bass fished there before and immediately after one of our previous storms can tell us what effect this will have on the bass over the next few weeks and then months. We are supposed to fish 2 two-day tournaments there in Oct and Nov and I'm guessing we'll have to move those tournaments to a new location. Got any ideas? Okhissa, maybe?
storm surge
Bayou Laloutre at Yscloskey, LA has a temporary tidal gauge put in for this hurricane. It is showing a rapid fall in water level right now and that should continue at a fairly rapid pace.
Listening to WWL radio in New Orleans and I'm amazed at all the selfish whiners complaining about their loss of electricity. Really?
How would they like to trade places with some of the folks in Braithwaite, Laplace, etc???
Been there, done that .
Before whining, people should really stop and think how fortunate they really are.

Hot, dry and couldn't be more thankfull here in
New Flood warning
WWL reports that water is coming over the railroad tracks in Slidell from bayou bonfuca and is causing flash flooding in slidell.
An evacuation has been called for!
I10 to Kenner
Hey guys, can anyone tell me if I10 is reopened at LaPlace? Have to head to MSY from Prairieville.
Thanks for any info. and good luck.
As of 8 am I-10 was still closed. don't look for it to open until the winds subside and the water has a chance to drain.
You can go as far as the grammercy exit then hit airline. I do not know if you can re-enter I -10 before the spillway or not ? You can call*LSP
(*577) to get road info from Louisiana state police.
Thanks eman(R). I found a traffic map for it but it does not really show it closed. Will take Airline to airport at Gramercy exit.
Also called *577 and let it ring for a whole minute.. No answer, they must be off tday.!!LOL.
Good luck!

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for southwestern Pike County in southern Mississippi because officials believe a dam will fail.

NWS said local emergency management and law enforcement officials reported the Lake Tangipahoa Dam is expected to fail.

Forecasters expect severe flooding downstream along the Tangipahoa River from west of the McComb Airport and Magnolia to Osyka.

The water level is expected to rise nearly eight feet below the dam to six feet at Osyka. The river stage at Osyka is currently 14.8 feet.

The weather service said this is a flash flood emergency for all low-lying areas along the Tangipahoa River, including Osyka. This will put the tangipahoa at around 21.5 feet . highest crest on record! I believe this is the lake at
Percy Quinn park.
storm surge update
Here are my estimates of peak surge on the East Bank from the gauges, taking datum issues into account:

Shell Beach: 11 ft
Bay St. Louis: 8 ft
Bay Gardene: 12 ft
Mississippi Sound: 7.5 ft

broken gauges of note:

Black Bay, Snake Island: quit working yesterday at 3PM at 6 ft

American Bay: quit working at 6PM yesterday at 9.5 ft

Surge levels in Lake Pontchartrain are somewhere between 6 and 8 ft right now, either holding steady or perhaps still rising. The river system is also overflowing since the Lake is holding it back, currently flooding Olde Town Slidell and draining south. The Lake will only drop 2-3 ft by this evening, but hopefully that's enough to alleviate the situation a little bit.
traffic updates
LA DOTD traffic site is good:
Good link
Thanks for that link Dr. Spot. It shows I10 closed at LaPlace and Airline closed at the Bonnet Carre. Does anyone know of a way to get to MSY airport from Prairieville? Looks like its impossible. Thanks for any suggestions.
you could take I 12 to ! 10 and go west back through new orleans and get off at Williams..... or even go all the way down through sorrento and cross the sunshine and take LA3127 to boutte and get on I310 there and go north... hope that helps
Thanks to you Donaldson. Looks like Gram. bridge to 310 is best route. Looks like 310 is clear to I10 at Kenner. Thanks.
Wild vid from Venice Marina
We received this video that was shot from Venice Marina during Hurricane Isaac. Wow!
Fo Sho
No problem man.. thats why we are on here.. to help out each other... stay safe.
Water Level in Venice
Does anyone know how high the water got at the marina. I had heard that the surge was 11 ft. Just curious as that area has been through a lot over the past years.
Waiting on confirmation
I've got some calls out for the Venice area, and will post any information I dig up.

If anyone has contacts with anyone who rode it out in Plaquemines Parish, please shoot me contact information and I'll give them a call.
Plaquemines Parish insight
I just talked to Capt. Ryan Lambert of Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, and he said water poured over a levee in Myrtle Grove area, putting 8 to 10 feet over Highway 23.

Lambert said he lost part of the roof of his fishing lodge, and there are missing shingles on his fly-fishing lodge.

'I’ve got an exposed roof, and I probably have water dripping into the drywall,' he said. 'But what can I do?'

He said the levees in lower Plaquemines Parish held.

'The water came right up to the top of the levee the first night, and was lapping over,' Ryan said. 'It came up to the top the second night, and was coming over a little. But it wasn't much, so we got fortunate.'

He said the water flooding Highway 23 came over a low levee near Lake Laurier.

And it'll probably be some time before he and others can get downriver to check out their property.

'I would think days before they get the water down enough,' Lambert said. 'It was actually coming in today.'
Breton Sound
Does anyone have an update on Breton Sound? We have our boat stored there and have been able to reach anyone.
Grand Isle & Breton Sound Marina
Byers, I've got a call out to C.T. Williams to see if there is any information on Breton Sound Marina, but the entire area was closed as of yesterday afternoon. The buoys show a pretty large surge, but we don't have any information from the area.

We did get a report last night that Grand Isle will likely be closed to everyone (even homeowners and camp owners) until early next week as power crews work to restore electricity.

I checked the Entergy site this morning, and there are still LOTS of people out of power in Southeast Louisiana. Could be a long haul, folks.

Keep checking this thread and our front page for updates: I'll be working the phones and posting information as it is received.
I know that Capt. Jack at Sweetwater is trying to get down there right now. I'll repost what I hear from down that way.
Our house was two feet from flooding. Our mudboat almost floated away (luckily it didnt), someone had to use our flatboat to save his wife and kids, my dad's truck got flooded, and some fallen trees. It was worse than Gustav. In some places, it was worse than Katrina (what I heard)
More info, please
Bonita, sorry to hear you guys were flooded.

Where do you live? Do you have photos? If you do have some photos or a vid, please post them.

If you need to, you can text photos/vids to me at 225.405.0667 and I can post them for you.
Voluntary evacuation order issued for portion of East Ascension
A voluntary evacuation order has been issued for the Ascension Parish communities of St. Amant, Acy and Sorrento because of potential flooding from Hurricane Isaac's torrential rains.

Go to to see what the boundaries of the evacuation zone.
Waiting to hear back from capt. Jack. He headed down there this morning. Soon as I get more info I will share. Did get one pic from capt britt ordes of hopedaleWaiting. Not good
No, we didnt flood Andy. The water was two feet away from coming into house. I will post pictures sometime shortly.
Hey andy,

My wife and kids are staying at my dads house on 936 in Sorrento.. do you have any more info on the flooding in that area and what caused them to issue the vol. evac order??? Any info greatly appreciated

Corey D
Went north!
Left Prairieville early a.m. to check camp just east of Woodville. Little damage; a big limb here and there. Turned around and headed home after I found power off and a call to Entergy saying they anticipated power on by Sunday. Cleaned out fridge and left. Good luck!
Update from Capt. Jack
Sweetwater Marina, Delacroix Island

Spoke with Jack.....hadn't made it there yet. Stated much worse than Katrina!! He said he would call me back! He is NOT looking for anything to be left at ground level...
My Neighborhood
This is my house during Hurricane Isaac.
picture of Campo's
Campo's metal building. Not sure if this is salvageable. The Shell Beach surge was about 5 feet less than Katrina (Katrina was 16 ft, Isaac 11 ft), but when ground level is 4 feet or less, the ground-level damage will be about the same. I suspect the Campo's will get those bait tanks working anyway and be back in business soon. Many elevated camps, including the one in the background, probably had wind and rain damage but will be generally okay.

It will still be quite a blow for many people down there.
Breton Sound Marina
Wow thank you for all the updates. We have our boat at the marina in shed F-26. Please post as soon as you have additional information. We were going to try to get down there but I don't know if they will let us in. I will wait 'Patiently' until I hear back on here. Thank you again!!!!
Breton sound
Is that the boat launch?
Breaking News
Hi, I see the breaking news about Hopedale but it still does not mention Breton Sound Marina.....Have you all heard if it made it? Do you all know of anyone we can call to see if our boat survived? I am sorry to be a pest but getting anxious reading these reports.
Breton Sound
Thank you for the info. We did expect this but unfortunately I work for the telecom industry so I had to be in the field keeping towers up so we did not have time to get to hopedale to tow it back. I was just looking for some confirmation as there has been conflicting reports. Thanks again
Drew I think he was hoping for some information and a little compasion. I doubt he was looking to be insulted! And since he wanted to know if his boat survived I am pretty sure that means he expected that there could easily be some damage or even a total loss.
I spoke with capt. Jack a few hours ago and anything that was on level ground is either gone or flattened. The lodge is still there with minimal damage which is a plus but everything else is pretty much history. If anyone would like to help with the cleanup stay in contact with Louisiana sportsman as with me or Andy Crawford will let everyone know when it is ok to start as everything down there is still wet with a little water still left. If anyone wants to get in contact with me please do jack is been real busy and I stay in contact with him. Either shoot me a text at 9852223509 or email me at and will give u the latest on when the cleanup will start. Keep jack and the Sweetwater crew in ur prayers as the cleanup effort starts and we get them back on there feet. The crew does so much for there customers. I'm ready to get down there to help cleanup!
Lake Hermitage...
I've got a couple of reports from someone that stayed in Lake Hermitage and am told there was at least 10 feet of surge. Any camps that were below that are pretty much destroyed. I don't know yet what condition the bridges or road are in. Got some guy's that are trying to get down there today and I will post any more info I get.

God Bless & Who Dat!
I flew down to Venice yesterday
Andy, I flew down yesterday in my friend Windy Gladney's seaplane. We landed in Tiger Pass and tied the plane up at Venice Marina. There was really not that much damage at the marina. Some sections of the fuel dock and the board walks were missing but the store and restaurant looked untouched. Most of the houseboats were ok, with some minor roof damage seen. The condos looked fine. Brent Ballay said there was about two feet of water in the lower part of his condo, which means a 6 ft surge or so..Nothing like the 25 ft surge we got from Katrina. Paul at the marina was kind enough to let Windy and I use his truck to drive and ck on my properties and Windys big Donzi. My camp had a few shingles blown off, but all of my rental boat sheds and rental camps are fine, with damage only to one shed door! We will be back fishing as soon as the water is off the road at M Grove and the power is restored to Venice. I guess 10 days to 2 weeks. My heart goes out to those folks in the Braithwaite area. We flew over and they really had a big surge. Hope this info helps you guys that love Venice like I do. Keep the faith, we will be fishing again before ya know it.
Captain Brent Roy
Venice Charters Unlimited, LLC
Great info
Byers1, unfortunately it was impossible to get past the draw bridge to check on Berton Sound Marina, and I've yet to reach anyone with the marina. But I think drew is probably right: Anything on the ground was likely damaged. But we'll update you as soon as we can.

Downriver Guide, thanks for the update. Glad to hear initial reports are good. Please call me at 225.405.0667 so I do a quick interview and get a full story posted. If you have any photos, please either post them, email them to me at or text them to the number above.
northshore followup
Here is a followup on northshore. Most of this is based on a report mike Gallo gave to WWL this morning, but I'll add in some personal information since I live on the Lake. Most everything is 'functional' now except internet, so the guides down there can't post. Fortunately, I have built in internet redundancy at work.

Mike said the ramps are now available at the Rigolets Marina and Dockside. Rigolets has frozen dead shrimp, and Dockside was throwing a castnet for pogies. The roads are passable to Dockside, I don't know about the roads to the Rigolets but they are probably passable. You will find lots of debris and marsh grass. The surge on the northshore reached 6-8 ft plus wave action, so expect anything below that damaged. These two marinas are elevated but the bait tanks probably took a hit, hopefully not serious. Please be careful, drive slow, and be respectful for those of us cleaning up. Just for good measure, the clutter is full of snakes, fire ants, and dead nutria that are starting to smell really good right now.

The surge at Chef Pass was higher, but Mike was able to get in contact with Chef Harbor, and they expect to be fully functional in 1-2 weeks, including having live bait. Right now, however, I seriously doubt that road is even passable. If anyone knows more, please post. Here's a tip: right after Gustav, I was able to launch at the old ramp south of Chef Pass, so that may be possible for anyone inclined to try.

Except near the river areas, Slidell has about half the businesses open now. Quite a few homes in Olde Towne and southern Slidell got flooded, though.

I also support getting a convoy down to St. Bernard and helping all three marinas when possible. Just don't ask me to operate a chainsaw, bad idea.

As for my situation, I came out good (house is elevated at 18 ft with hurricane shutters). We moved everything below to higher ground. Main damage was a bent satellite dish which also damaged the roof and allowed a major leak. Lesson learned, no more satellite dish on roof.

I also want to thank St. Tammany Parish for once again being totally useless in helping clean the debris. They think once they push the grass and debris off the road, they are done, even though the driveways are covered with 3 feet of debris, grass, and critters. We're not asking them to clean everything, but we need to be able to park. But, they claim they aren't allowed on private property. Fortunately, our neighborhood is resourceful, I'll keep it a secret how we got a bulldozer to move the junk. Remember this the next time they want to raise property taxes or renew a millage.
The Rigolets in Slidell still has really high water. So does Heritage Park, the Service road where the car dealerships are in Slidell, parts of Oak harbor, and the launch at the end of Indian Village Road. I live off of Indian Village in the River Oaks subdivision.
Pointe aux Chenes vid and information
I just posted a vid and story on the status of Pointe aux Chenes. So jump over to and check it out!
Bad news from Delacroix
Scott Walker, aka nightfisher, spoke with Sweetwater Marina's Jack Payne, and the news isn't good from Delacroix. Go to and read about the impacts from the hurricane.
water height website
I just added in the website for checking water heights which i've been using for a while to check my hunting camp.


I saw Mike Guerin also posted another water height site too, which I just saw which is really neat. Thanks.

Good reports guys!
Pearl River
The Pearl River is expected to crest today. It was still rising as of this am. Lots of homes have been flooded and the water is still rising. The locks are ok now except for the blowout on the right side of lock 2. They relieved the pressure and its all holding. Heading back down there shortly to help some friends out. Will try to get pics.
Also 2 days ago Franklinto was flooded by hwy 10 and hwy 16. only way around was by flatboat. Bogue Chitto was ridiculous.
Lake rd was still closed yesterday in madisonville. You could get a truck down it. Water was knee high in some areas. We walked all the way to T-rivers. It will be a total loss. It shifted on its foundation and is leaning bad. The bridge right by T rivers is gone. Only pilings are left. If anyone needs anything feel free to email me. I'll be in Pearl River shortly then back to madisonville to do more volunteer work.
Sweetwater Marina cleanup
I just got a text from Scott Walker (aka nighfisher), who is now working with Sweetwater Marina. There is a planned clean-up set for 8 a.m. Saturday (Aug. 8).

'Gonna BBQ and have refreshments for everyone,' Walker said.

Walker can be called and texted at 985-222-3509 or emailed at
that's not good
not good at all.
bad water
i drive to New orleans every day for work and the smell in any and all fresh water areas is getting worse by the day. Water between sorrento and laplace is black and has an oily sheen on top in certain areas.
At 70 mph i can't really see any fish floating but i don't see how anything can live in those waters.
Sweetwater update
Just got word that Sweetwater Marina in Delacroix will reopen its launch on Sunday. However, Scott Walker (aka nightfisher) said to be sure and pick up ice and supplies on the way down.
hwy 23
Went to Buras yesterday (9/9) to fix the camp. From just North of Ironton/ Myrtle Grove to North of main town of Port Sulfer, they took it on the chin. That area got slammed again. Flooding especially, but wind too. Lots of dead cows and some elk from the farm. Empire, Buras, Triumph area got spared for sure.

Hwy 23 is still flooded. Down to one lane in some spots. Be careful and go slow.
Unlike Gustav we did not get much rain. However we got enough to kill the vegetation and just like gustav tensas, beouf, bayou macon and lafourche rivers are black and not flowing with dead fish floating everywhere.
Wow, would have thought the water would have gone down by now!
come on, its not drew-b's fault, he's just misunderstood???? ya rite!!! what a fool!!!
Fish Kill Houma Area
These pics were taken 9/6 in the Houma area and probably was the scene in every dead end waterway. Beside the dead fish floating the water was covered with small live catfish on the surface and next to the bank was some of the biggest flathead cats that I have ever seen at one time. Managed to save a few that were very lively, but later passed away in my ice chest. Later when trying to revive in hot cooking oil only mad matters worse, but did not go to waste. Could have filled the back of my truck with those big flatheads, but that would have been greed and it looks like those big fish may have made it through this ordeal. The fish saved equated to two gallons of fillets, which was actually more than expected for a 15 minute effort.
Pearl River fully open
The rest of Pearl River WMA has been reopened, the LDWF said today. However, Old Highway 11 remains closed due to flooding.

Go to to read the full story and see which public areas remain closed.
Water quality
Water staring to look better and not smell with some baitfish life at the surface. Need a good rain to really flush this bad stuff out.