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Why is that the local TV station give very little time on fishing and hunting. I would think that 90% of listeners are hunters and fisherman. Lucky if they spend 3 minutes on sports in a one hour show. To me it seems the weather has more air time then the sports and hardly nothing on hunting and fishing. The first station that would spend at least 5 or 10 minutes of sports,hunting, and fishing of a 1 hour show would get more audience then the others. Just my opinion, like to hear from others.
TV time
You know I saw Kevin Ford the other day eating in a restaurant and was planning to ask him the same thing. I don't watch much television, but I did enjoy his shows. Gotta want for more than just aligator hunting.
local coverage
Actually, Channel 4 has a long history of doing fishing reports and done a decent job. It could still be better.

Channel 8 has the Bigfish and the soon-to-be Ultimatefish, but is too spotty. They will have an outdoor report one week, then go several weeks without one. That's just poor management. Of course, Channel 8 spends more time bragging about what they will show coming up than on the actual news.

Channel 26 had Don Dubuc for a long time and was the only reason to watch. He's now on Channel 4.

I think the real question is why the Times Picayune does such a lousy job with the outdoors. This was true even before Newhouse has destroyed the newspaper. Aside from the liberal politics, the fishing reports are just useless. At least the Fishing Friday segment is very good, but lately has been every other month it seems.

In contrast, the Houston Chronicle, for example, has superior outdoor coverage. The now retired Joe Doggett was a hoot and an eloquent writer.

And I really miss the quirky By Hek. 'Put Ants on them.' 'If they won't hit a lure, they can die in the water. ' At least the writing was fun then, even if it was redundant.

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