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Big Boar makes my most wanted list & friendly bear

Scouted all weekend for deer @ 3 Rivers and Red River taking advantage of the cold front. With perfect temperatures in the 50’s Sunday morning I walked 8 hours. I jumped 3 deer, 2 rabbits and startled some hogs which allowed me to creep into the 15 yard danger range. All of the deer sign was near temporarily unpressured field edges and water sources as usually in September. The woods are back to being very dry. Found a few key persimmon trees about to drop which I’ll focus my hunts soon. Unfortunately I didn’t have any big buck pictures on my cameras, just small spikes, though I have several spots with a bunch of daylight action on the does and hogs. My cameras saved me from hunting my usual turf which I planned come October. I had 3 cameras in one area which didn’t have any deer pictures after sitting nearly a month. Previous years had that spot loaded with bucks in September. That section is overrun with hogs. Speaking of hogs, I heard a loud grunting noise in the woods followed by pig squeals. I’ve only heard a pig with a grunt so ferocious a few times before in my life and I knew it was a big boy. Luckily after checking my camera in the area I got pics of this gianormous bore. Anyone wants to guess what that thing weighs? I can’t wait to go stalk him and add those tusks to my collection. That big boy should be easy to spot. Got him fighting another hog in the picture. I love hearing those hogs tussle while hunting. Got a bear at that cam too. Just 3 more weeks…..I can’t take it.

On a good note from the robbery from last week, I received an envelope in the mail this weekend with only my license in it which someone apparently found while cleaning their yard. It’s not much but a start in the right direction and saving a long wait at the dmv is always a plus!
more pics
more pics of the boar and bear
That's a big ole hawg right there ! Hogs are hard to guess the weight of , most people underestimate . A medium sized looking hog may go 200 . I'm guessing the big one on your pic is pushing 400-425 ??

Was the spoonbill in one of the lakes , or is that the river ? Nice pics !
River Ponds
It was in one of the river ponds alongside the river. The deeper ponds and lakes are still holding good water as the river is low. All the persimmon trees near water are plump and loaded with fruit while meaty critters await underneath.

Yeah those hogs are hard to determine the weight of. The only true way is to knock em down and you'll quickly find out once you start tugging. I killed one easily over 250lbs for my first public land kill years ago when I was a skinny kid and that thing would hardly budge. Still don't know what that big thing weighed. Took 4 shots with the rifle to finally expire him. With a buddy helping we made it 100 yards then decided to bail on 1.25 mile drag plan and backpacked the meat out!