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Public Piebald and Preseason Pump Up Video

Here's my new article. I plan on watching this video before my hunts this year to get amped, hope it inspires some of yall to give public land a chance. I went scouting this past Sunday. First stop was Tunica Hills WMA. I went over there more so for hiking purposes, as I love running the trails and trying to climb the steepest hills. I did see some good deer sign at a spot I hunted before, but unsure if Iíll have enough time to hunt there this year much. Then, i scooted across the river to 3 Rivers. I found some awesome sign near some of the edges of the woods and jumped a nice buck. Also, saw some of the thickest hog sign Iíve come across yet. I can't wait for the season to start. I hope to scout Cat Island then Bayou Cocodrie next weekend.

My buddies went up to the public land and hammered the teal. Here's a pic of all the birds they smoked on opening day. Wish I had time to duck hunt some, but I'm too excited about bow season at the moment scouting every free second I have.

Also my friend who works at the gym I train at went to Dularge with her Uncle to a spot I fish at and she caught this big Alligator gar on a shrimp on the bottom. What a cool looking fish. Iím jealous and been trying to catch one all year with no luck though I rarely fish for them too often.
man that sure is cool, piebald deer=rare piebald deer on public land=louisiana black panther sighting

them big garfish are fun to catch, but they are tricky, especially if you don't have a steel leader, did they measure that one or weigh it? looks like a big fish
No measurement or weight
No measurement or weight but here's another pic. It surely is a fat one! She said it was barely hooked and was luck it wasn't popped off. Though she was stuck on the bottom for a while until it took off running.

Talked to my other friend yesterday and he said they mowed down a 9 man limit of teal opening day as well in Welsh at his lease, but didn't have a pic of all the birds.

Yes, those piebalds are rare. Maybe one day I'll see one in LA, but too see another on public land...I'm not counting on it. Though you never know since she was literally just across the Mississippi River from where I hunt. Her twin piebald brother may come swimming over!
yeah boy that thing only looks to be about 4foot long but gadaisdon that thing is thick
That Piebald would be a pretty deerskin to get tanned. I like the pump up video. Looks like you should have a great season.