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4 Wheeler Mechanic in BR

I need a 4 wheeler mechanic in the Baton Rouge area that can replace a CV Boot on my front axle. Does anyone know of a good mechanic in the area that I won't have to take out a mortgage on my house just to get this replaced?
What brand and year bike do you own?
A good,honest guy is chadabear. Look him up on the website user's directory. Has shop at his house in Prairieville. I can tell he is good, but I can't tell you if you'll need a second mortgage. Good luck.
It's a 2008 Yamaha Big Bear 400 4x4
if u find somebody let us know.
I second Chadabear
cv boot repair
I just did the front on my Honda rancher. I don't usually fix things either. 3 bolts with a ratchet and pliers for cotter pins. 1 big mallet to pop the knuckle off. Ring pliers to open the axel. I got the kit from Honda in Lafayette for $24 that had the oil, boots and hose clamps. I threw the clamps away cause I couldn't understand them and put some that I bought from the auto store. Did it in about 1 hour. Youtube. Youtube. Youtube. Thats how I learned. I didn't have $180 to pay someone. I also changed the oil and filter while I was at it. Filter and oil from OReilly's $25. Change from the dealer $120.
cv boot clamp tool
Hey white boots, the Honda clamps need to be put on with a boot clamp tool. I am curious about the auto parts store clamps. Do you not need a tool for them? Thanks.
tool for boot clamps
I brought those weird looking clamps into the auto parts store and got the same size clamps that are a little wider that use a regular flat blade screwdriver. That way I can take them off next time easier. I bet if I looked. The autoparts store probably has the boots and grease too. I know it will happen again. Even with stick stoppers. If you look for cuts,and learn to change them, you can catch it before it turns into another part(s).
Hose clamps?
Boots, are you talking about hose clamps?
Have two ranchers. Busted a boot on the first day from the showroom floor. Changed the boot and put stickstoppers on both. They work. FYI, Had to tighten castle nut on front axle on oldest one the other day. Had a lot of play in wheel and a popping sound. Good luck.
yeah, hose clamps. Easy to use. I got a K&N oil filter and 3 quarts of Lucas Oil Synthetic from O'Reilly for $33. Doing the maintanence myself is the only way I can afford to ride. I got Strong Built Stick Stoppers. I can't see how anyone wouldn't have those. Gonna do the differential oil drain and fil next.
the guy in the white boots???
stick stoppers??? read the paperwork!!! stickstoppers will tell u, they on certain 4 wheelers will actually tear the boots, guaranteed!!!! it has happened to people i know and u are jacked!!!
stick stoppers
If you don' thave stick stoppers in the cypress swamp where I hunt you will have broken axels rather than broken boots. The cypress kness will kill it. I looked closely beasandsavage, and can't see where they would rub the boot even when moving around but don't see it happening on mine (Honda). Probaly mess up a Polaris though. Thanks for the heads up!
Damage the boot???
I have stickstoppers and my two Ranchers for a total of 14 years of combined service. They never damaged a boot , only protected them. Must be one of the other brands of ATV. Anybody know which brands(s) they do damage on? I'm curious. Good luck.
Re: 4 Wheeler Mechanic in BR
I used this guy name Troy from the Ascension Parish area and here is his number.

DO NOT EVER use this guy. He is well known around the area and he charged me over $1,800.00 worth of work and said he did and replaced things on my bike and he never did. He took my money and never fixed half of what he said he did on my bike. I know this because I took my bike somewhere else and they showed me everything he was suppose to change and what the price should have been.

DO NOT EVER use this guy.

Please pass this on.
My name is Ben and
I wanted to let people know this. I was going thru a divorce and he knew I didn't have that kind of money but I needed my bike because I love to hunt. Just wanted to tell my story and get this guy's name out there.