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First Elk Kill

Shot this 5x4 elk in Colorado this year. It was my first elk hunt and totally DIY. We had a great time and were fortunate to harvest one of these magnificent animals.
That's a fine Colorado elk.
If u need any taxidermy work let me know.

CPR Taxidermy
I have the head in my big outdoor freezer right now. Planning on doing a Euro mount with it. I've did one before on a whitetail and hopefully it comes out ok.
Ok. It's about the same. Just a bigger head. If u need any other work done. Let me know. Thanks.
Nice !!
I lived out west for 25 years, hunted, guided, killed a few and got busted by many more. Any time you are on elk in this country, you'll be in some of the finest topography regardless of the state usually, nothing like clear mountain air.
As I used to tell everyone, If I never even pull a string on a Elk, I am thankful for the time to have spent in their environment, communicating, trying to outwit them, and just taking it all in. No other hunting experience in my opinion of a bugling rutty Bull.

Congratulations ! when are you next applying for the next permit ??? hehe .. it's addicting.
Next Elk Hunt
We were hunting in Colorado and they have unlimited Over the counter Archery tags for elk. No draw required. We really like the area we were in so I dont think we would go anywhere else.

We hope to go back next year but it will depend on finances. Its not an expensive hunting trip but enough to put a dent in this Southern boys paycheck.