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Venice Slam

Made a trip this past weekend with a great group from Texas. The guys came down looking for some redfish and they got exactly what they came for.

Day 1

The guys came in Friday afternoon so we had just a few hours to go out. We ran across to Baptiste Collette where it didt't take long to start hauling in reds. Caught a mixed bag of reds, black drum and flounder. The guys rounded up their limit and we headed in.

Day 2

With a full day at hand they guys wanted to go down river to go after some bulls. We droped anchor and the battle was on. We had a big fish contest between the 4 boats. Thinking we had it locked with a 38 inch red, Clints guys boated a nice 44 inch beauty. We moved to the inside to go after some slot reds. The other boast flagged us over to where they were fishing for they had already gotten their limit which my guys quickly got in the action. We headed up river to try out a couple more spots picking up a few small reds and a couple flounder.

Day 3

Woke up that morning to a strong, cold north wind. The guys needed to be back early to catch their flight so we needed to act quickly. Due to strong winds we had to run the river the whole way down. Once we got to where we were the day before it was pandamonium. I couldn't keep up with the guys putting fish in the boat. Soon as they got their red in the boat they would drop the line over and hook up again. At one point I counted 5 reds at the bottom of the boat and 3 guys hooked up with more. When one guy was hooked up there would be 5 reds trailing along with it. Half the fish we caught were on bare hooks. It was awesome. In 30 minutes we had our limit and it was off to catch and release. We also had a problem with the spanish makeral. Soon as the line hit the water they would saw it right off. After the bite slowed down the guys had enough and wanted to get back to catch their flight. It was a great weekend and everyone was well pleased. I look foreward to having them back next year.

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