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not a single fish report in the ''fishing'' forum?

strange to see not a single fish report in over two weeks for the ''fishing'' forum which is mainly used for recreational fishermen reports and not charter boat reports and advertising for the most part.

i thought, so whats going on here, when the only new posts seen there were the updates on the sinkhole

so i tried to post in the ''fishing'' forum only to find out you can no longer post anything in that forum since the catagory has been removed from the list. this is why only updates to posts can be posted there.

this now means there is only one forum left for posting now so everything MUST BE posted under the ''inshore fishing'' forum catagory.

there is good reason to have seperate forums so general topics and regular reports from average fishermen arent burried under the constant SLAM, MURDER, JUMPIN IN DA BOAT, ON FIRE, daily barage of posts advertising for the buisnesses that frequent this site. there is good reason to have a recreational as well as commercial forum so both groups are served well.

just my 2 cents
I have fixed the issue
As you may know, users can submit to contests by adding a post to the appropriate contest forum. The contest forums are no different than regular forums except that posting to the forum can be turned on or off automatically.

Well, someone went into the system and configured a contest but mistakenly added an inactive Fishing Video contest entry using the Fishing category as the main category. I removed the faulty contest entry and everything is back to normal.
Furthermore, you used to be able to click on, say, Vermilion Bay and you would get the reports posted for that area. Now, if you click on Vermilion Bay you get fishing reports from all over, and even hunting reports. Sometimes, changes is not for the good.
I agree.
yes, thank you louisiana sportsman for getting rid of the recreational fishermens forum so now nothing but charter boat commercials will be seen.

i have nothing against those guys but they outnumber the recreational posters 10 to 1 so its just simple math that theres will be the only posts ever seen from now on.
I read reports here daily and prior to becoming a captain I posted every trip. I have always wished we had more recreational posters. There are far more recreational fishermen that are members of this site than charter captains. Here are my observations and I don't think blaming the website is the direction members should go. Along with customers telling me I have read for years that a lot of people don't post because there are a few people that act like internet 'bullies' by either questioning the poster's catch or hijacking the post and having arguments like middle school girls. I'll give you an example, John Rucker has posted on this website for years and has always been successful at filling the box and he is now being questioned. A prior poster named LSU1AGAIN fishes Lake P and catches hammers but instead of posting and listening to middle school girl drama he chooses to not to post.One thing I have learned about this website is that people come and go. The good always stick around so I'm confident that the child's play will pass. I'm sure someone will bash my opinion and verify everything I have said but I know there are a lot of good 'silent' members so I'm not concerned about the bashing by the few!

Capt. Travis Miller
I agree with capt miller about the school girl drama. I joined the site a lil over a year ago after I bought my first boat. I joined it looking for help and I was scared to post questions cuz I seen people ask and get hammer for being lazy and not spending the time to go out and find their own fish even after they made a point they weren't looking for honey holes just advice. Still to this day I'm skeptical to ask questions. I've love fishing my whole life and had only fished a pond here and there growing up so owning a boat and fishing in the wild is a completely different world. Even with my doubt I have asked questions and have recieve some good advice from a handful of people with fish taxi being one along with others. I have posted successful & fail trips. I would like to see the bashing of people keeping fish go away but it's the real world and some people just can't be happy without pissing on another's parade.
I'll say Givemhell,your post is spot on.Not only will you be bashed,questioned etc. but will get hammered by people who fish the area you fished because 'Great,just let the whole world know where the fish are biting.There goes my fishing hole'

It's just the nature of the beast my man. You ask or post without worry of those people like that. Who cares what they say.

I'll say it in all caps just to get my point across.


Funny thing is,almost any of these people that you're talking about would tell you to come fishing besides them,throw you a pack of bait ETC. Internet make keyboard warriors and to be honest,most just act that way to pass the boring time at the boring weekday jobs they work.

I know because you hardly ever see a bashing during the weekends.


Ive been a member here since 05 and the bashing is the exact reason I dont post or comment anymore. This is my first comment in quite sometime. I too have been guilty of bashing a certain individual on here and I had my reasons. Even though I was right I still sent him an apology and quit posting ever since. Some of the guys on here get entirely out of line with it.
This board used to be a board of men and AllisonX, not complainers. Now everyone gets their feathers ruffled and whines about bashing/being bashed/watching their buddy get bashed all day long. Here's the way I see it:

Make a dumb post--expect to be bashed.
Do something great--expect to get either questioned or congratulated. A sign of success is being hated--ask any wealthy public figure.
Question someone's success--expect to get bashed.
Post an opinion in a general opinion forum--expect others to disagree, expect a possible bashing.
If you bash someone undeservedly (i.e. for not one of the reasons above)--expect to get questioned, banned or called out.

It is the internet, not pre-school. Grow a pair and let's return to unabashed (haha pun) posting. We will all learn more about sportsmanship in the end, IMO.
If someone post a 'dumb report ' or comment , it may simply mean that they are not familiar with that topic . I would certainly not try to bash or belittle that person , when some others would jump on an opportunity like that . So I don't agree with you on that item , motorboat .

Now a good ole debate , I feel like can actually bring out some useful information on occasion . And if it doesn't it's still entertaining .

When I do get an opportunity to go fish or hunt I usually post it , good or bad . Unfortunately here lately I haven't had much time to get out and do anything , but do enjoy reading hunting and fishing reports .
Funny stuff people bashing people for bashing people. we are all human and may get more touchee about a topic we are passionate about. people acting like babies bashing people acting like babies. People complaining about people complaining, whats the difference. funny how it always gets the most views and comments. Ill say like uncle Sye on duck dynesty, HEY its the nature of the beast. I am guilty.
   Dr. Spot
Some of us have been giving fishing reports, but they get buried real quick because they don't generate comments. And that's okay, they shouldn't get comments unless someone has a question. The problem is the ones with drivel keep going back to the top.

Going to camp at St. Bernard State Park for three days of fishing at Hopedale. Will post the good, bad, and ugly Monday. The show goes on. I invite others to do the same.
I just I came up Old School before the internet forums , as you never gave out your spots , you tell someone and they tell and so on and your spot is loaded up with boats and the fish thinned out next time you go , I have a cousin who has to be blind folded to take fishing , I'd pull at a spot and he says ' hi , George ' to the boat set up in my spot , I say you know them , he says ' ya, that's my friends I told '------- I got no problems talking about techniques , patterns or equipment --------- there is a difference to me in fishing and catching , if I tell you where to go , what to use and when to be there and you go and catch fish then I don't consider you a fisherman , a fisherman goes with his plan of where they will be given the conditions of the day , it is alot more rewarding to me to find them on my own then to be pointed to them , also I have found that if you listen to the stories and become a follower you are usually a day late and a few fish short ----- you should also take a lot of the fish stories you hear and read with a grain of salt , some like to brag and fabricate and elabarate stories to get attention and some to send you to another area away from their big bite --------- be the story and not the story teller
...anybody remembers the strife,quarrels,disputes,brawls,fracas,bickering,conflicts,scuffles and etc.??? about 6mos after Katrina...they had some knockout dragout fights...even w/the 'peacekeeping' moderaters and the 'waterwalk'n' guides ???

P/ comparison tdy is a 'Day Care Center'...cheers
I used to post reports on the internet..but now choose not to. I really do not like the modern world we now live in very much. Courtesy, respect, sportsmanship are not very common anymore. I mainly take my 3 grown kids and 6 grandkids out with me now...have become a loner of sorts. So, get out your smart phone, tablet, and laptop, because that's the way it's done now. The internet is a curios deal to me also. A person will post and comment just to be critical of someone or an idea, and this is done anonymous a lot of the time. If I do not like a person, I will not say anything at all about them, it's just the way I was raised. If I disagree with an idea, I will respectfully state my opinion, but that is the way I was raised also. And, I do not do anything anonymous...cheers!