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Van Tyler

Want to upgrade my base map on Hummingbird 597ci, what would you recommend? I fish along the coast from timberland islands to chanderler islands. Home base Grand isle. Are your maps all I need?

Thank you Van
Maps for your Humminbird
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Van Tyler ~

NO, The Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints is NOT maps that can be downloaded into your GPS unit.

The EDGE program consists of WAYPOINTS, that can be downloaded into your GPS system by using the FREE HUMMINBIRD~PC Program that can be obtained from the Humminbird web site when you register your unit. The EDGE program does have a Map of the area of coverage, but it is an Acrobat pdf image that is of the entire Edge area indicating where the waypoints are located.

The main feature of the Edge is that these EDGE waypoints can downloaded into the internal waypoint memory of your GPS unit. They will appear as icons on whatever mapping program ~ screen that you have installed in your unit.

If you visit the Humminbird web site @ you will find a listing of the maps that are available for use in the 597ci.

They recommend the Navionics Gold maps.
In checking the site you will find that maps will work in your unit

To quote the Site, “Navionics® Gold and Hot Maps™ Premium available for select 300, 500 and 700 Series™ Combo products and all 800, 900, and 1100 Series™ Fishing Systems. This huge library of electronic cartography gives you paper chart detail right on your fishfinder’s screen. If you’re looking for a complete fishing system, find the special Humminbird that combines leading edge navigation, sonar and charting technology.“
See the Navionics site at
for the area covered by the GOLD series of maps.

The Navionics Gold is sold by regions. The Gold Product 1XG is shown at a cost of $199.00 and covers all of the coastal U.S. Coastal waters.
The Hot maps covers inland lakes, so I don’t believe that it is what you looking for.
There are other more detailed Navionics programs but unfortunately they will not work in your particular unit.

I suggest that you contact the dealer where you purchased the Humminbird unit and see if they handle the Navionics GOLD mapping program and if it will work in your unit. Remember that there is no return on this type of software, so get it right the first time.
View the Navionics program on one of the dealers units. Zoom in on several of your fishing areas, including the launches you use to see if the program meets your needs. The GOLD series basically depicts a digital NOAA Marine Coastal Chart.

~ Captain Paul ~